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Announcing music production tuition / “help service”

I’m launching a music production tuition / “help service”.

See an example of what I do: a beatmaking session video on Youtube.

What is that exactly?
I’m an electronic music production professional with 25+ years of electronic music production experience (Fanu / FatGyver) – I started around 1992 and have been at it since.
I’ve also founded a successful music mixing and mastering business with a wide international client base, which is now my day job that pays for my living (Mastering and Mixing by Fanu).
Also, I’m officially Ableton Certified, meaning I’m an Ableton pro. I mostly do tuition as one-to-one sessions in my home and do a few workshops per year in my area. I just made Skype work for that nicely, too.

Producers contact me with Qs relating to these three things on the regular, almost daily now, with Continue reading Announcing music production tuition / “help service”

[VIDEO] Ex Tempore Beatmaking Session #1

Ex tempore studio sesh #1 VIDEO is here!

I’ve been meaning to do these for a long time, and here, finally, is the first sesh.

I want to do one-hour sessions working on a beat in Ableton Live, mostly unprepared, just to see where it goes and to cover some of the techniques and plugins I use in my music production as well as mixing and mastering (see bottom of the post for a list of what’s included). Just doing whatever comes to mind and keeping it realistic!

The beat in this one sure isn’t trying to be *good music* Continue reading [VIDEO] Ex Tempore Beatmaking Session #1

Current mixing and mastering service rates



 mastering: €47 per song. Includes digital masters – vinyl masters and Spotify versions on request for no extra charge. Batch discounts apply.
mixing + mastering  from individual tracks: €50 hourly rate (email for a quote; most songs are done in approx. 1.5–3 hours)
master + video: €90. Digital “attended mastering”. Song is mastered + an explanatory video documenting the process is made. Song is compared to strong references. Any possible shortcomings of the mix are pointed out.
mix + master + video: €55 hourly rate – minimum charge €100. The song is mixed and mastered from tracks, and an explanatory video documenting the process is made.
general audio engineering consultation: €55 hourly rate (Skype/email)

Masters for vinyl provided on request.
Spotify loudness versions provided on request.
If you are in EU, VAT is added.

Mastering examples here – this is just a small selection.
Both posts and reposts on the page are mastered by Fanu.

New series: plugin recommendations

I’m going to start a new plugin nerdery series: Fanu’s plugin recommendations.
Because there’s a ton of dope plugins I use all the time, and I get asked a lot what I use.
So here’s the first one.
UAD LA3A and LA-2A – my favorite vocal compressors in mixing (I don’t use these on the master bus). I use these a lot to control the dynamic range of recorded vocals. When I get a vocal track Continue reading New series: plugin recommendations