Fanu who?
Fanu has ever stuck by his long standing passion for erratic and evolving rhythms since his first forays into drum n bass in the early 2000s. From his energetic breakbeat workouts in stand out drum n bass tracks such as the critically acclaimed Siren Song, through his crunchy hip hop productions as FatGyver, up to his modern day D&B experiments blending breaks and 808s inspired in part by the fresh influx of new rhythms such as footwork, his productions exude funk, a veritable mishmash of styles that have always stayed true to style and shied far away from standardisation.
-Lorna Smith / Inflect Bristol

HISTORY and love for breakbeats
Fanu grew up in small, quiet countryside town in Finland where music filled the void for him since an early age. Fanu started experimenting with music around 1992, starting with a melting pot of house, dance, techno et cetera – but hearing breakbeats changed everything, and today, Fanu’s creating modern breakbeat music with aesthetics that come from those days. The drums are the backbone, whatever the genre.

In terms of ideas and soundscapes, Fanu admits owing a great deal to The Future Sound of London, Underworld, Source Direct, Photek, old Metalheadz crew, Dj Shadow, Dj Krust, Amon Tobin, to mention a few. Also, the surrounding environment – the dark, cold Finnish climate – had an impact on Fanu’s inspiration, for it leaves a lot to be interpreted.

PERFORMANCES and broadcasts
Fanu’s been DJing internationally, playing drum and bass for a decade, sometimes also performing live, bringing together breakbeat music of various genres and tempos. After hosting a radio show on Finnish Bassoradio for almost three years, Fanu kicked off a podcast series of his own.

Fanu’s released five albums, several EPs, single releases, vinyl, CDs and digital releases since 2003 on various seminal labels such as Subtitles, Offshore, Subtle Audio, Commercial Suicide, Columbia, etc., and collaborated with and remixed renowned artists such as Bill Laswell, Amon Tobin, The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble, etc.
Since 2006, Fanu’s own label, Lightless Recordings, releasing breakbeat-driven music with deep, dark atmospheres and strong rhythms, has been the main home for his music.
See discography for full Fanu release history on the site or check out full discography at Discogs.

Lightless just put out a new Fanu plate, the seventh vinyl single on Lightless: “PARACOSM” / “YIN DUB” (vinyl + digital). Next up is the following to it, LIGHTLESS007, dropping on Jan 26, 2015.
Amon Tobin let Fanu remix his track “101 South”  soon after he did a DJ mix for Ninja-Tune-run Solid Steel. The recently-launched “Oh-So-Random” series of EPs saw its second installment, much on the 160 BPM tip.
Fanu’s always got his hands busy with several release projects. One of them, “Talk To Strangers”, an instrumental hiphop LP from his FatGyver guise, is waiting to get released on Redefinition Records in early 2015.
In the pipeline, there are EP releases for other labels, remixes, and collabo projects.
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