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Mastering price update Jan 2016

New iMac 27" in the lab!
New iMac 27″ in the lab!

MASTERING PRICE UPDATE (VAT only for non-VAT-registered EU customers):
• 1–4 songs: €36 per song
• 5 songs or more: €33 per song
[batch discounts for albums / 4+ songs (case-specific)]
• mixing+mastering a song from stems: €60 and up
• mixdown tips: €15 (does not include mastering). Want a fresh set of ears only to comment on your mix but don’t need mastering? I’ll take a listen and let you know!
• revisions: no charge – I’m proud to make it just like you want it for no extra charge Continue reading Mastering price update Jan 2016

About compressing your song


This article is about compressing a song – I won’t go into compression in general or compressing individual tracks/elements of a song to keep this post on point and brief enough.
(The settings seen in the compressors above are made up – I just wanted to use a pic of Slate VBC because I like it a lot)

The reason I wanted to write about using a compressor to compress a song is that I see that there’s a lot of misinformation being thrown around on music forums (because so many people are doing it these days) Continue reading About compressing your song

About “too attractive” mastering deals (and competition in the field)


I haven’t written that much about mastering (aside from the somewhat exhaustive post about the process for me), so I wanted to write a few words about very attractive mastering prices and competition in the field. As I’ve been entering the field myself, I’ve seen a lot competition, stories about really low prices, crazy package deals, and some of that classic “My mate does it for a few pounds and a hot dog”.

Recently, another potential client got in touch with me and said he needs some songs mastered. He had got a quote from another mastering studio: 8 pounds per song. That’s not a lot. That’s roughly 11 EUR.
You can go for that by all means, Continue reading About “too attractive” mastering deals (and competition in the field)

A point about mastering / loudness these days


I wanted to raise a point about loudness and mastering these days.
I was going thru some bigger label promos today and was struck by the same feeling I’ve got many times before: it’s too loud.
I know, I know – this is actually old news, and I’ve been happy to see a lot of artists and labels going for sound that’s way less crushed.
However, Continue reading A point about mastering / loudness these days