HAUS EP out now

My HAUS EP is now available for all.

Get it at … and name your price and download it!*

This came out as an early Bandcamp subscriber special** but is now available for all you beat-loving music lovers.
For now, the EP is only out via Bandcamp, though, so if you want it, get it there!

I’d also love to hear how you feel about the tunes, as they’re, once again, a deviation from my usual styles. Continue reading HAUS EP out now

Current audio engineering rates

• Contact Mastering By Fanu via email ( •

PRICING/INFO [updated July 2018]

 mastering: €45 per song. Includes digital masters – vinyl masters and Spotify versions on request for no extra charge. 
mixing + mastering  from individual tracks / stem mastering:
€50 hourly rate (email for a quote; most songs are done in approx. 1.5–3 hours.
master + video: €90. Digital “attended mastering”. Song is mastered + an explanatory video documenting the process is made. Song is compared to strong references. Any possible shortcomings of the mix are pointed out.
mix + master + video: €55 hourly rate – minimum charge €100. The song is mixed and mastered from tracks, and an explanatory video documenting the process is made.
general audio engineering / consultation / audio restoration: €40 hourly rate (Skype/email)
feedback on a mix (no mixing/mastering): €30 EUR 

BATCH DISCOUNTS APPLY – contact for a quote.
Masters for vinyl provided on request.
Spotify loudness versions provided on request.
If you are in EU, VAT is added to the price.

808 bass with Ableton Live

I wanted to do this video because every now and then I’m seeing producers ask what synth to buy to do 808 style bass.

The truth is, you don’t really need to buy any synth to do that, as your DAW probably has one already. And it’s really quick, too.

Using Ableton Live Analog synth + some of its saturation tools to do it here.

[VIDEO] Pro Tools vs Ableton Live for mixing

I recently switched back to Pro Tools for mixing.
I used to use it for a while, then go back to Ableton Live due to some changes in Live, but I’m back in the PT land.
This video is about why I’m doing it.
I want to emphasize: this is only for mixing. I’d never suggest PT for making music, as Ableton Live excels at that.
I’m still also doing all my mastering-only projects in Live, for which it works well.

See the video info field for a full list of things where I feel PT takes the cake compared to Ableton Live.

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