Strange Lights album (free download)

So here it is. The fifth / sixth album by yours truly, depending on how you count it.
Daylightless, Homefree, Serendipity, Departure, and Lodge, if you want to count that one in. And now, Strange Lights.

What to say to kick this off with? Actually it seems I have a shitload to say, so let’s do this. Get some coffee or a beer or something to make it thru the whole damn thing.
But if you ain’t into reading, it’s fine, here’s all relevant links so you can grab the music:
Bandcamp page (lets you download it)
Soundcloud player
Youtube playlist
direct mp3 download
direct wav download

[btw, that dope-as-heck artwork was done by Lonekink so hit him up!]

• • • GOING BY THE GUT • • •
As I’ve got older (funnily enough, it’s my 35th birthday today), Continue reading

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Breaks ‘n’ Beats Podcast # 8

Here we go! A new episode of B&B podcast.
A fairly colourful mixture of moods and vibes, going from one to another in a heartbeat, just like I like to do, mixing it all up.
It’s mostly new music, some dubs in there, and I’m wrapping it up with a Lightless dub from Moresounds
Had a good caffeine rush on when I started so I had to down a beer in the middle of the set to calm down a bit (I recommend you enjoy bass music with coffee or beer, or both).

What do you think of the artwork? I’m pretty hyped. Done by Ingrid. That bear may have to watch those nails, though.

Here’s the tracklist. Hope ya dig it! Continue reading

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A few words with Bite The Belt

I had a chat with Bite The Belt blog about my recent hip hop album and some other shit.
Peep it here.

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Album done

Oh snap.
I think I have finally finished writing, mixing and mastering my new album, “Strange Lights”.
Will be coming out on Lightless.

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FatGyver mix for Mixmag

To celebrate the release of my recent FatGyver debut album and to sing praise for my fave hip hop label, I did an all-Redef-Records hip hop mix for Mixmag. It was published today. It’s a one-hour mix of the type of hip hop that I absolutely love – all tunes released on Redef Records. I hope you like it.

I hope you dig it.

Damu The Fudgemunk & Raw Poetic – Streamline
K-Def and Rob O – Escapizm
Kev Brown – Lucifer
FatGyver – Heritage (unreleased)
Blu & The 45 King – Pocket Full of Miracles (unreleased)
FatGyver – Blunt Instrument (unreleased)
Def Dee – Yeah
FatGyver – Celestial
Artifacts – Haagen Daz (forthcoming reissue)
Blu & Pete Rock – The Clean Hand
Def Dee – C’Mon Now
Supa Dave West – Beatboxin
K-Def – I Seen A Blind Bat
Klaus Layer – Coming To Your World
FatGyver feat. Blu & Raw Poetic – Talk To Strangers
Raw Poetic & K-Def – Stealin Bread
Raw Poetic & Kev Brown – The Put On
FatGyver – Just A Dream
El Da Sensei – Try Again
Klaus Layer – All Of The Time
Damu The Fudgemunk– Grap Luva Intro
Damu The Fudgemunk– Brooklyn Flower
Damu The Fudgemunk – OverThrone (Try A Lil Skillfulness)
Damu The Fudgemunk – How Many of Us
K-Def – High Stakes
Klaus Layer – You Don’t Know
Damu The Fudgemunk – Puttin’ in Work

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uStreamin’ on 21 Feb



Will be doing a uStream set this Sat.
Got a special guest in the lab handling the second hour.
8–10 GMT
Sat 21 Feb
Stream is at

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Interview with The What


A had a few words with the nice fellas over at The What.
Read the interview here.

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FatGyver album OUT NOW

Hello, everybody! I’m happy to let you know that my hip hop debut album, “Talk To Strangers”, as FatGyver is out today.

It’s a project that was on the back of my mind for a while: to get busy with the sort of hip hop beats I’ve always loved – 90s east coast style stuff – because that’s what’s even shaped my D&B aesthetics a bit. Continue reading

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Taster # 2 from FatGyver album

Here’s another taster from the album “Talk To Strangers” on Redefinition Records.
Feat. Blu and Raw Poetic.
Release on Feb 10.
You can already preorder thru iTunes.
The album will be out thru other outlets, too (Bandcamp etc) on the day of release.

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Taster from FatGyver album

It’s almost here: my first hip hop project under as “FatGyver”.

The first teaser from the album “Talk To Strangers” on Redefinition Records is up, so listen and let me know how you feel about it.
You can already preorder thru iTunes (will be out thru other outlets, too).
Release date: Feb 10.

We got way more coming your way soon, and I’ll be telling you a few words about it in a bit.

Stay tuned…and meanwhile…talk to strangers.

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Been getting busy on Instagram. My page.

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LIGHTLESS007 out now (vinyl + digital)


Ladies and gentlemen: I’m happy to say my new 12″ is out now.
Check out the music above and purchase links below.

• DIGITAL: BANDCAMP / Digital Tunes / Beatport / Boomkat / trackitdown / iTunes / Amazon

(Also, if you missed LIGHTLESS006…grab it while you can)

As described by Lorna Smith of Inflect Bristol:

Continue reading

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