Thanks to vinyl buyers


Dear vinyl-buyers. You have truly showed your might.

Lightless006 has been selling very nicely, encouraging me to do more. Should all go well and without crazy delays (we learned a lot from last time), we’ll have the next Lightless plate in our hands in January.
You really fucking rock – that’s all.

If you haven’t got the plate yet but are willing to do so, don’t hesitate, for this one will sell out sooner or later. See various purchase links.

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All music free for one day (Oct 20)

I’ve made all my music on my Bandcamp FREE (pay-what-you-want) for one day. TODAY ONLY. Get crazy!
And there’s also little discounts on the merch side – today only!

Peep da Bandcamp!

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Forthcoming DJ gigs


Will be DJing in…

Galway, Ireland, on Nov 14
Antwerp, Belgium, on Nov 15
MBar, Helsinki, on Nov 28

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Breaks ‘n’ Beats Podcast series returns


Yes, I know, this is looooong overdue: a new episode of my Breaks ‘n’ Beats Podcast – now reaching episode 5. It’s downloadable of course, as always – just follow the link to Soundcloud. You can also listen get it or subscribe via iTunes.

The main theme for this one is music by great, talented guys you probably haven’t heard that much of. Being a DJ, I’m in a privileged position, since I constantly get sent music by both established artists and labels as well as those who haven’t released much music or/and who are spending their first years with music production. It’s often in the music of artists (if you keep making art and love it, you’re an artist in my book…I don’t measure success) who haven’t been making music for very long where you hear something very fresh, something you probably haven’t heard very many times before. Something non-formulaic, something creative and ground-breaking, something you’d like to hear more of. Continue reading

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Ableton Live lesson text hack

You know how you can peep the lessons in Live, and all Ableton packs come with cool-looking lesson texts, too, and you’ve thought, “I wish I could do that!”
Yeah, I’ve always wanted to know how to edit the lesson text, too. I’ve emailed Ableton about it, but they didn’t want to tell me.
I’ve taken a quick look at some packs a few times but never had the patience to find out how the lesson text thing works; my own efforts didn’t launch the text area.
Well, today, after drinking loads of coffee, I figured it out. Continue reading

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Giving something back to the producer community: analog bass samples

Analog bass goodies

Analog bass goodies

Just to give something back to the community…the bass-loving community!

This time to the producers who discuss music production stuff with me every day, whether it be thru emails, on forums, via my Fanu’s Live Training Facebook page, via my Twitter account
Truth be told, I’ve always been a little bit of a teacher by nature, and I like it.
In addition to all the producer/DJ/artist/record-label stuff I do as a main hustle, I give electronic music tuition in Helsinki, but also, I give production advice, tips and discuss relevant stuff with the online community as well whenever I have time.
I think we’re all nicely feeding off of each other’s vibes, so here’s something back as a thank-you. Continue reading

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Lightless beanies available again!

pipot KAIKKIDue to popular demand!

We got some most popular merch items back in stock: BEANIES

They come in five different colors – red, gray, black, dark blue, and dark brown. It’s a limited run of 40, and these have usually sold out really quick, so don’t sleep on these. Besides, the weather’s getting cold, so cover that head of yours!

You can find them on my Bandcamp merch page.

If you want to peep the music side there, please do.
Even got a few vinyls left.

Worldwide shipping!

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“Jungle War Is Hell” now up for grabs

You can now get my “Jungle War (Is Hell)” track from my Bandcamp

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Got a box of LIGHTLESS006 VINYL (art + white copies available) and I’ll be selling them directly thru my Bandcamp.
I know the postage fee from Finland ain’t cheap, but those are actual, verified postage costs without packaging (I’ll be using my old mailers to not make it even more expensive).
I can write my silly autograph on the sleeve (OMG) to ruin it for you…just add that as a comment when ordering.
For other purchase options from the usual major stores, see my earlier post.

PS: Lightless Beanies available early next week!

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My contribution to jungle war

So this jungle warz thing started online…here is my contribution!

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uStreamin’ on Friday 19 Sept.


Will be doing a live uStream DJ set from my crib TONIGHT (Friday 19 Sept.)
So basically it’s a live podcast. You only need a browser to tune in – no extra apps or gimmicks is needed…just click on the link! is the channel.

Will begin around 7:00 GMT / 3:00 EDT / 22:00 FIN and play for maybe a hour and a half or so. Planning on getting a little drunk and getting some mixing in!

So if dnb / jungle / bass music is your thing and you ain’t got anything better to do on a Friday night, get a few brews ready and tune in!

Won’t be speaking on this one, and no tracklist coming…but you can actually participate by commenting on the page with your Facebook profile.
I’m not sure if I’ll be archiving these, so don’t count on that – we’ll see!

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So D&B vinyl still sells


My distributor told me yesterday that we have already sold half of the Lightless006 batch (300 units made) – and the record was released on Monday.
Honestly, this is kind of crazy and seriously exceeds the expectations I had at a very early stage.
Thing is, I haven’t released vinyl for a while, and you know how you hear all the stories of vinyl not selling…and eventually you end up saying that yourself.
I have so many fans who have been kicking my ass about releasing vinyl for a long time, and I’ve always said “It’s not really worth it”. And now, it truly seems that the loyal fans have proved their might and vinyl IS selling. I actually feel a bit like a *record* label again. I am so stoked about that.
This really gives me faith in Lightless vinyl production. I can already say I will be releasing more vinyl on Lightless – because it is worth it (sorry for sounding like a Loreal ad!). Tunes for another 12″ are already made, and plans for Lightless007 are in the works.
Time to get humble and say big up and massive thanks to everyone supporting the cause – and extra special mention to all the true vinyl heads and those who kept telling me to do it.

P.S.: Oh yeah, if you want to get your Lightless006 vinyl, don’t wait too long…it will sell out. Find the purchase links on my other blog post to get yours.


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