Words of gratitude

Broke 6K followers on Soundcloud and 7K here on Facebook recently. Thanks for the support. Getting that from the true fans means a lot.
I’m happy to realize that most of my fans are “organic” – I’ve spent very little money on marketing, I don’t have a team of any kind working for me, and I’d like to believe that all the supporters genuinely like what I do and didn’t click on the “like” button because the media says I’m hot shit at the moment Continue reading

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One last final shot of the spaceship before starting to pack it all up and moving to a new place in two weeks.

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Discography update


The discography page got a new graphic look. Peep it!

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Paracosm…coming soon

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Ableton + TouchAble + TouchOsc

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Oh-So-Random EP # 2…coming

It’ll come.

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Twitter’s the place where I do a bit of talk re: DNB, good music, studio stuff, coffee ODing, a bit of ranting towards dnb (hey, it does need it every now and then)…get in!

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Radioshow archive (March 17, 2014)

Fanu & Docius on Bassoradio on March 18, 2014 Continue reading

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Coming soon…

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Q&A with 35Hz.co.uk

Screen Shot 2014-03-13 at 14.35.56

Friends over at 35Hz Forum wanted to ask me a few questions. I replied.
Read the Q&A.

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The Owl Project

The journey towards another Fanu album (project title “The Owl Project“) has been initiated. The journey won’t be quick or easy. Want to do it with more ambition and attention to detail than ever before. Trying to revive on my part the old nineties style of D&B sound with lots of drum science, deep vibes, organic sounds, timeless beats…”thinking music”, as somebody put it, instead of anything for the dancefloor. So yeah, here we go. This will take some serious time, but the time for me to do this is better than ever. I’ve nothing to prove – this is for myself. I’m going as far back to the roots as possible. I don’t care how long it’s going to take (maybe a year or two) but it will be worth it.

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FatGyver album teaser + news

I’m stoked to say that my instrumental hip hop debut album (as FatGyver) will be coming out on Redefinition Records.
Can’t put into words how honored I am to be getting my instrumental hip hop debut out on one of my favourite labels. Redefinition Records is an indie hip-hop label based out of New Jersey & Washington, DC. It’s all killers, no fillers, presenting the dopest in hip hop. Especially Damu The Fudgemunk’s works have been inspiring my hip-hop-ism to a great extent.

We’ll be having more release news for you shortly, so stay tuned!

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Radioshow archive (Feb 17, 2014)

Went solo this time.

The Future Sound Of London – Mouth Muse (Jumpin & Pumpin)
Squarepusher – Plaistow Flex Out (Warp)
Nic TVG – Sitting in the Crosswalk (Pinecone Moonshine)
Moresounds – Flocon (Astrophonica)
Louis Blaise – Love And Gwalla [Phillip D Kick remix] (free download)
Dillinja – Sovereign Melody (Valve)
The Prodigy – Everybody in the place (155 and rising) (XL)
Squarepusher – Theme From Ernest Borgnine (Rephlex)
Sinistarr & Silent Dust – The Chant (none60)
Ital Tek – Froze Up (Civil Music)
SHAWN T // K-AZE – Big Poppa (All Roads Music free download)
Klute – Survival (Certificate 18)
Rufige Cru – Menage (Reinforced)
Ital Tek – Violet (Planet Mu)
DLX – LoCash (Smog)
GoLab – How Long (Dynamix)
Machine Girl – Sister Juke (Dynamix)
Pawn and Calculon – Larchmont [Om Unit remix] (Shoot Recordings)
Black Grape – Fat Neck [Goldie remix] (Radioactive)
Baby Fox – Rain [DJ Krust remix] (Malawi)
Mama Mystique – Tremendous [DJ Krust remix]
DLX & Wish – Get Up
Om Unit ft. Kromestar– Lightworkers Call (Civil Music)
Moresounds – Deux Mille (free download)
Ital Tek – Re Entry (Civil Music)
Seba – Science fiction (Secret Operations)
Dexta & Hyroglifics – Boxgroove (Diffrent Music)
Fanu – Paracosm (Lightless dub)
Noetic Nodus – Sukhoy Nos (dub)
Stray ft. Fracture – Bounce That (Exit)
Pixelord – Floppy Room (free download)
Seba – Mesmerism (Secret Operations)
Subsense & Mechanik – dub
Fanu – Waxcavation (Lightless)
DJ Krust – Proof (Talkin Loud)
Verb – Poison Flower (Kontra)
SB81 – Dancer In The Dark (Metalheadz)
Coleco – Nostalgic Future (Trapdoor Recs. free download)
The Untouchables – Adamantium (Tribe12)
Fre4knc – The Source Of ’98 (Samurai Music dub)
Trisector – Power Glove (dub)
Flow Steremov – Jumping Bastards (dub)

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On perfectionism


Perfectionism is a topic that a few followers have brought up recently as the topic of productivity has been discussed in my blog as well as many others. I’ve been asked how I tackle perfectionism and how I get music made instead of honing on the small details for a long time.
That’s a good question, and I’ve definitely been there: Continue reading

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Unreleased dubs

Something from the vaults.

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Keep the creative juices flowing and inspiration ignited…how?


Concentrating on your work – especially creative work that needs a bit of inspiration – seems to be the hot topic these days, but it’s that for a reason.
The modern man with all his contemporary digital distractions, let alone non-digital ones brought on by life, can get in the way of one’s creative process and gnaw on one’s inspiration.
This can stop the juices from flowing, and certain principles can be of help.

Here’s a few ideas on how I keep the production going. These are about making music but I can’t see why this couldn’t be applied to any creative work. Continue reading

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Bristol event on March 21


Bristol / UK peeps: there’ll be something wicked happening on March 21.
Om Unit, Skeptical, Coleco, Thelem, myself, and more…

Event on Facebook

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Fanu mix for Vice

I did a mix for Vice.
Peep it on the Vice site or on Soundcloud.

01. Moresounds – Altercations [dub]
02. Ital Tek – The Flood [Civil Music]
03. Om Unit – Swimming Dragon – Ital Tek remix [Civil Music]
04. Ital Tek – Hyper Real – Deft remix [Civil Music]
05. LAS – Liketha – Desto remix [Signal Life]
06. Fanu – Hyde [dub]
07. Calculon & Austin Speed – Get Murked – Fanu remix [Shoot Recordings dub]
08. Tessela – Hackney Parrot – Sam Binga’s Crackney Parrot refix [dub]
09. Fanu – Who Dat [dub]
10. Special Request – Black Ops [Houndstooth]
11. Pawn and Calculon – Larchmont – Om Unit remix [Shoot Recordings dub]
12. Bay B Kane – Jungle Warriors [Whitehouse Records]
13. Nonfuture – Too Bad [Ground Mass]
14. Coleco – Focus 10 [Runtime Records]
15. Graphs – Cloud Gate [dub]
16. Coleco – Expanded Awareness [Lightless dub]
17. Stray – Prof Popper [Exit]
18. Fistfunk – Tetsuo [Lightless]
19. Fanu – Drumsö Fuzz [Lightless]
20. Fanu – Paracosm [Lightless dub]
21. Jaquan – Telepath [free download]
22. Somejerk – Some Jungle Tune [free download]
23. Nasty Habits – Shadowboxing – Om Unit remix [31 Records dub]
24. Nonfuture & Migat – Cousin Roland [Ground Mass]

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