“Jive” (unreleased)

Something unreleased while we wait for the next 12″ to arrive…some footworky jungle vibes.

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Doing a reddit AMA session tonight (Nov 24)


FYI, reddit dnb subforum will be starting a new series of DNB producer AMAs (“ask me anything”).

I’ll be kicking off the series with a session on /r/dnb Reddit tonight (Nov 24), starting around GMT 7, answering stuff for a day or two.

The thread is here.
So, drop your Qs, DO YOUR WüRST – and I’ll start answering later!

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Mastering stuff


I do mastering for bass music producers, and it’s been going great!
I’ll make that tune of yours crisp, warm, loud, and fat.
25 EUR per track / batch discounts available.
I also offer mixdown / production advice in the deal – hit me up for more info re: pricing etc.
So, bass music heads with mastering needs, hit me up via fanusamurai@gmail.com

See my mastering page for clients’ comments.

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Breaks ‘n’ Beats Podcast # 6


Click me to listen + DL, bro

Alright, folks! Time for a new B&B podcast (you can also subscribe via iTunes).

I just had an absolutely smashing weekend with two gigs: Galway, Ireland and Antwerp, Belgium. Both gigs were so dope that I was so full of musical energy when I got back home that once I had got some well-deserved sleep, I woke up and felt that today would be perfect for recording a new episode.

I know I’ve said I’ve said this before and in a way it’s a redundant thing to say when posting a mix, but Continue reading

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FatGyver shit coming…

My hip hop stuff under FatGyver alias…should be coming out in early 2014.
Don’t take it too seriously

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Reese bass in Ableton Live


I wanted to have a quick go at trying to create the classic “Reese” bass so widely used in and popularised by drum and bass (if you don’t know what I’m talking about, check out this classic DNB tune for a classic example).

The bassline could be created using any synth capable of doing sawtooths, but I happened to create it while playing with “Bassline” Continue reading

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2014 DJ schedule


Current DJ schedule for the rest of the year. Taking bookings all the time, so get ‘em in…
fanusamurai@gmail.com for all booking enquiries.

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Thanks to vinyl buyers


Dear vinyl-buyers. You have truly showed your might.

Lightless006 has been selling very nicely, encouraging me to do more. Should all go well and without crazy delays (we learned a lot from last time), we’ll have the next Lightless plate in our hands in January.
You really fucking rock – that’s all.

If you haven’t got the plate yet but are willing to do so, don’t hesitate, for this one will sell out sooner or later. See various purchase links.

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Breaks ‘n’ Beats Podcast series returns (episode # 5)


Yes, I know, this is looooong overdue: a new episode of my Breaks ‘n’ Beats Podcast – now reaching episode 5. It’s downloadable of course, as always – just follow the link to Soundcloud. You can also listen get it or subscribe via iTunes.

The main theme for this one is music by great, talented guys you probably haven’t heard that much of. Being a DJ, I’m in a privileged position, since I constantly get sent music by both established artists and labels as well as those who haven’t released much music or/and who are spending their first years with music production. It’s often in the music of artists (if you keep making art and love it, you’re an artist in my book…I don’t measure success) who haven’t been making music for very long where you hear something very fresh, something you probably haven’t heard very many times before. Something non-formulaic, something creative and ground-breaking, something you’d like to hear more of. Continue reading

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Ableton Live lesson text hack

You know how you can peep the lessons in Live, and all Ableton packs come with cool-looking lesson texts, too, and you’ve thought, “I wish I could do that!”
Yeah, I’ve always wanted to know how to edit the lesson text, too. I’ve emailed Ableton about it, but they didn’t want to tell me.
I’ve taken a quick look at some packs a few times but never had the patience to find out how the lesson text thing works; my own efforts didn’t launch the text area.
Well, today, after drinking loads of coffee, I figured it out. Continue reading

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Giving something back to the producer community: analog bass samples

Analog bass goodies

Analog bass goodies

Just to give something back to the community…the bass-loving community!

This time to the producers who discuss music production stuff with me every day, whether it be thru emails, on forums, via my Fanu’s Live Training Facebook page, via my Twitter account
Truth be told, I’ve always been a little bit of a teacher by nature, and I like it.
In addition to all the producer/DJ/artist/record-label stuff I do as a main hustle, I give electronic music tuition in Helsinki, but also, I give production advice, tips and discuss relevant stuff with the online community as well whenever I have time.
I think we’re all nicely feeding off of each other’s vibes, so here’s something back as a thank-you. Continue reading

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“Jungle War Is Hell” now up for grabs

You can now get my “Jungle War (Is Hell)” track from my Bandcamp

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