Lightless Coffee Crew t-shirts available

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Lightless Coffee Crew shirts are available once again – for all coffee and Lightless minded people. This is a limited run of 50 shirts, so be quick if you want one.

The shirts are high quality Gildan Ultra Cotton shirts. Print is white on a black shirt. For size info, see this pic.

This post is updated for availability of sizes, so check below before ordering.
S: available
M: available
L: available
XL: available
XXL: available

ORDERING INFO – two ways to order:
1) get it from Bandcamp
2) get it directly from yours truly with no middlemen involved
(please honor the payment instructions, as that will make the order swift for all parties).
• make sure the size you want is still available (from the list above)
• pay 25 EUR to (this includes shirt, packing, and shipping)
• make sure to include both your size and complete address in the message
Incomplete payment information will cause extra hassle and delays, so please make sure you get all that right.
That’s it!

Shipping will happen in roughly 3–4 working days.
PS!: Throughout the history of Lightless shirts going out to all over the world, very, very few have been lost (probably around five–six in total). I cannot be held liable if the parcel is lost by mail (which has only happened a few times, and it’s only ever happened with some shirts sent to Russia so far).

Any questions?  Shoot an email!

Breaks & Beats Podcast #12

(art by Ingrid)

Here’s the latest episode of B&B Podcast.

A few clarifying words about DJing by yours truly. When I announced the end of musical productions as Fanu, it seemed to confuse some people. To make it as brief and simple as possible:
I will continue to DJ as Fanu, as explained before. Still love D&B to death – will always play it.

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Mastering price update Jan 2016

New iMac 27" in the lab!
New iMac 27″ in the lab!

MASTERING PRICE UPDATE (VAT only for non-VAT-registered EU customers):
• 1–4 songs: €36 per song
• 5 songs or more: €33 per song
[batch discounts for albums / 4+ songs (case-specific)]
• mixing+mastering a song from stems: €60 and up
• mixdown tips: €15 (does not include mastering). Want a fresh set of ears only to comment on your mix but don’t need mastering? I’ll take a listen and let you know!
• revisions: no charge – I’m proud to make it just like you want it for no extra charge Continue reading Mastering price update Jan 2016

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