FatGyver's Hip Hop Breaks Sample Pack

Blast the beats, feel the funk!

FatGyver slams you with a heavy load of hip hop breaks.
Most of these beats are from FatGyver releases, and there’s a few from the vaults.

This selection should resonate in those who grew up with 90s style hip hop: Premier, Pete Rock, Cypress Hill, etc.
If you know by know what Phatventures is about, this is it.
A lot of this stuff has been beefed up and colored by my MPC 60, SP 1200, Pultec EQ, 1176 compressor etc.

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Something for the D&B community.
Over 170 breakbeats used in my Fanu productions over so many years.
You'll find some familiar ones processed and edited as well as custom ones I've made myself.

What can I say – I love breakbeats…always have.
I hope this pack will inspire you to work on some breakbeat-rich music.
Feel free to use any of these in your productions – you obviously don't have to ask me for my permission, but I'd love to hear what you come up with.

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Sample Pack by Fanu Vol. 1

I am proud to present to you my first sample pack.

It's a compilation of 50 sounds: bass, breaks, and pads.

All of the bass sounds I have created myself using plug-in synths, Moog Minitaur, and Arturia Microbrute analog synths. Some of them have been driven thru a Soundcraft desk, sampled into an E-MU E5000 Ultra sampler, treated using analog emulation plugins, or sometimes a combo of them.

All of the breaks were processed and sourced by yours truly. There's a BPM at the end of the filename to indicate tempo.

The main focus being in breaks and bass, I wanted to throw in a few pad sounds, too, which I hope are useful. All of them I created myself.

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