[video] Classic FM bass with Ableton Operator

Let’s create a classic FM bass with Ableton Operator often heard in styles like UK garage etc..
Especially if you’re not familar with Operator or FM synthesis, here’s a quick-ish tip of the day for creating a classic bass sound from scratch.
In FM synthesis, you usually have one main oscillator, and its pitch is modulated by that of other oscillators, which can offer a multitude of different timbres.
Adding a little extra spice using Ableton Hybrid Reverb and its new Vintage mode, which can add a little bit of extra texture.

[video] Let’s talk about making songs!

While there is a lot of technical info out there, there’s much less info on the philosophy of making songs. I wanted to have a session discussing song structures, my philosophy on getting enough material for a song, progression etc. I hope this can be helpful in terms of helping people with their song structures, sections, how to introduce variation for sounds and so on.