Get your sub bass right! [video]

In this 15-min video tutorial, I will show you how I correct the bass of a song I’m stem mastering:

I’m also showing why its bass is lacking and how to fix it.

I will show you easy-to-follow numerical figures which you can follow when working on your song to get the sub of your song right in terms of level AND frequencies – even if your speakers aren’t great for producing subs.

I will also say a few words about using my favorite analyzer and how to set its slope and why it matters.

This should help you get your sub bass in your songs to the ballpark!

Breakbeat Of The Month ep. 3 is now up

So I (with some help) have discovered a whole new break, which, I am pretty sure, hasn’t really been used by the breakbeat community much.

Hope you enjoy! WATCH HERE

What’s the song and who helped me? Where did I use it before? Well, watch the video and find out! Grab the break as well as Ableton and Bitwig projects before.

Ableton Live Basics video course now free on Youtube


My Ableton Live Basics video course (three parts) is FINALLY free and available to ya’ll on YouTube.

Someone once said, you should give something back to your community, and hey, I agree.

It’s been going good for me, and I admit these videos sold pretty dang well when I released them some years ago.

I think the time has come to release them to the general public. Continue reading Ableton Live Basics video course now free on Youtube

Breakbeat Of The Month – a new series starts

I‘m starting a new video series on my Patreon called Breakbeat Of The Month
In each episode, I will pick a breakbeat and chop it up and make a jungle beat with it.
I will always go to the raw source and chop, program and process that (as opposed to an already processed/edited version). This “DIY” culture is important to me.
I have been making jungle and DNB for 25+ years and I want to teach you all too and show you my process.

Continue reading Breakbeat Of The Month – a new series starts