Monthly Twitch DJ stream kicks off

My monthly DJ stream starts Sunday, Jan 1, 2023.
13:00 GMT / 15:00 CEST.

Twitch channel where it all shall happen is
Planning to play jungle and DNB, both old and new: after all, I’ve been into it for over 25 years, so I have stuff to play.
Shows will be downloadable from my Patreon.
Further dates will be announced on socials such as IG and FB so keep your eyes peeled.

Top 10 worst DJing experiences

For some time, I’ve wanted to write a post about the worst DJing-related experiences I’ve had in my career.

Read here

Just for the lols.
Finally found time to do it on the holiday.

Hope you enjoy.
Free/public post, so feel free to share!

“Legacy” (Metalheadz) video walkthrough

Now on Patreon: a walkthru video of my Metalheadz song, Legacy.
It’s the song of mine that’s got the most plays (if that matters at all).

Watch here.

I’m going thru the project and showing what’s happening, why, talking a bit about what I think makes a Metalheadz song, the importance of different song sections etc.

Class in session, so grab a classy brew and start making some notes.


(yeah, correct, it is a bike in that pic – I took it outside the house an hour ago…we’ve got some snow here!)

So wanted to do a quick update on things to come and what’s been.
You may have noticed I’ve been slightly silent here.
Well, reason is, I was rrrreally fecking sick with some monsterous influenza for a while. Didn’t leave home for 10 days and I didn’t know I could cough like that, and hearing was going in and out on some days.
Was smashing the most urgent end-of-year client work, though because I was hell-bent on kicking off a 2.5-week holiday today, Dec 14, and hey here I am, first thing I’m, dropping you guys this update! Continue reading Update!