Mastering & Mixing

A full-time business since 2015, mixing & mastering by Fanu has worked on 2000+ songs by a worldwide client base so far.

Works have been featured on releases of labels/artists such as Pete Rock, Luke Vibert, Octo Octa, Metalheadz, Redef Records, John Summit, Defected Records (Beatport position #1), Straight Up Breakbeat, Translation Recordings, Out Of Fuel, Resound, Desto, Recue, Barry Beats, Dday One, Bassboy, Thelem, Van Ives, and many more similar artists and labels.

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Ableton Tuition

Janne is an avid Live user and an electronic music production veteran. With nearly 30 years of production under his belt, he samples everything that moves and gets meticulous with drums, basses, synths, and breakbeats. Janne offers both beginner and advanced Ableton Live tuition via Zoom to international students and in person in Finland. Mixing and mastering related lessons are offered too.

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