808 bass with Ableton Live

I wanted to do this video because every now and then I’m seeing producers ask what synth to buy to do 808 style bass.

The truth is, you don’t really need to buy any synth to do that, as your DAW probably has one already. And it’s really quick, too.

Using Ableton Live Analog synth + some of its saturation tools to do it here.

[VIDEO] Pro Tools vs Ableton Live for mixing

I recently switched back to Pro Tools for mixing.
I used to use it for a while, then go back to Ableton Live due to some changes in Live, but I’m back in the PT land.
This video is about why I’m doing it.
I want to emphasize: this is only for mixing. I’d never suggest PT for making music, as Ableton Live excels at that.
I’m still also doing all my mastering-only projects in Live, for which it works well.

See the video info field for a full list of things where I feel PT takes the cake compared to Ableton Live.

[VIDEO] Compressing samples – compression basics

I was recording some samples off records as always and wanted to compress some louder passages before chopping things.
Wanted to do a video of that. So what I’m doing is I’m giving some (slowish) compression to a loud section in the audio whose level I want to bring down.
I also do a real quick aggressive, quick, peak-based compression at the end to squash a pop at the end.

Compressor plugin used: Tokyo Dawn Kotelnikov.

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