“The Silent Watcher” out now

My new album ”The Silent Watcher” is out today.

It’s an aging junglist’s take on D&B / bass music. Today is my 37th birthday and the only way I’m celebrating it is by releasing this album.
I’m allowing you to pay what you want for it; I don’t even know what people should be charged for music these days. Zero is a valid price, too, if you can’t afford anything, but in that case I’d kindly ask you to share it – if you like it, that is.
It’s also out via all typical outlets and streaming services.

BANDCAMP (name your price):
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Mixing is back on the menu

I said some time ago I wouldn’t offer mixing anymore due to being so busy with mastering and other audio engineering stuff.
I’ll have to recondsider that and say I’ll take mixing work in on “If I have time” basis. The amount of work in my hands and the nature of its acuteness varies a lot, so I’ll definitely have time for mixing and mastering every now and then.
Contact via email for more info and pricing.
I especially love mixing hip hop a lot.
Big album mixing and mastering projects especially may need a raincheck, but for now, just get in touch if you need mixing.
I’m trying to limit the amount of stems to 20 absolute max.
Pricing varies depending on the amount of work required.

“How loud should my mix be when submitting to mastering? -6?”

Back to work after a holiday…20 songs in the queue and more coming! To be honest, I was already spending the weekend mixing and mastering some hip hop from Washington, DC.

To kick off the year, I wanted to drop a piece of some good basic info on “How loud should my mix be peaking before submitting it to mastering?” as that gets asked a lot, and there’s a lot of misinformation around.

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