A quick thought re: mixing kicks

A quick thought relating to mixing KICKS.

One thing I do in my work a lot is fix kicks.
Often, the song is a bass music track and the kick has a bit of a subby tail and the bassline is very rich in subs.
That means we have a problem.

For a kick to be powerful, it should ideally be fairly short. There are no rules, but this is a guideline I tend to stick to.
A kick with a subby tail + a sub bassline = “farting” in limiting.
Something has to be done. That something is often gating the kick to get the subby tail out and making it clean, short, and punchy. Maybe a little sidechain to the bass to make sure they don’t clash.

Another misconception seems to be that for a kick to be nicely present in the mix, it has to have a lot of sub, while actually, a lot of what we perceive about the kick is above subs.
I love making the sub fat but enhancing the “body” of the kick so it nicely stands out in the mix.

In a nutshell…you can’t have a long-ish subby kick and a subby bass. One has to go OR some interplay between them that leaves nice space for both, removing the clashing, has to be created.

FatGyver vinyl album taking preorders NOW

My next vinyl album, “Low Intensity Interval Beats”, is taking preorders NOW.

This link is the only way to buy this record; it will not be in stores.

This is the fourth FatGyver release so far. All these works are my testament to what hip hop is to me. It all leans towards nineties US east coast vibes, but I’m adding my own spice to it. I guess you don’t hip hop out of Finland every day!
I’ve always loved sample-based music, and to me, hip hop has always been about working with samples.
And samplers. On this album, you’ll hear the SP 1200, MPC 60, as well as various other devices.
This is a beat tape (or a record!) that I’m very proud of and think it does make its own small statement in today’s hip hop world.
Everyone who orders the record will also get a link to a digital download on Jan 12, which is when this preorder campaign will end.
The copies will be numbered to emphasize the extra-elite vibe you get when buying this record.
Let’s support vinyl once again like we did with my last album, The Silent Watcher.

Please share with likeminded friends.

-Fanu aka FatGyver

[VIDEO] About mixing + mastering + documentation service

A few words about my new service: mixing and mastering a song and documenting the process.

I do also “just” mix and master without documenting it on the regular. See info on my mixing and mastering services here.

• mastering: €45 per song
• mixing + mastering from tracks: €45 hourly rate
• mix + master+ document: €50 hourly rate (The song is mixed and mastered from tracks, and an explanatory video documenting the whole process is made).

Fanu / FatGyver – music | mastering | production