Loop 2016 – thoughts

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It was a great weekend in Berlin – one of the best weekends all year, and it’s hard to put into words how great the inspirational vibe we all got to experience and share during those three days at Funkhaus was. We all met numerous likeminded people from all over the world, all of whom were here for the same reason: making music. Big thanks for that goes out to Ableton.
Some of the highlights and points I’ll be taking home: Continue reading Loop 2016 – thoughts

If you feel “lost” with your musical genre

(This stemmed from reading on a music forum a post about a producer feeling exhausted and “lost” with his [only] genre.)

Ever feel “lost” making your music genre?
My tip: don’t just stick to one genre.

I can say that in my career, I’ve definitely experienced the pain that comes from trying to force one style too much at one point. I have also seen that in many others, who I’ve later on tried to encourage to do whatever. And every now and then I hear “a D&B producer” break out of his shell and “loving making music again” etc.

I guess on one level one part of you has reasons for pushing one style (maybe it’s gained you some recognition, you realize you have the talent for it, or maybe one particular style has gained you a few bucks) Continue reading If you feel “lost” with your musical genre

Lightless Recordings 10 years

Lightless = 10 years. Time flies by pretty quick.
I started the label in September 2006 due to the then great indie / bass music distributor ST Holdings constantly suggesting that to me, promising to pay for all expenses, saying they have faith in my sound. They said it doesn’t make sense shopping my music around, and that I should consolidate. And so I did.
Big thanks to Chris and Andrew Parkinson, wherever you are. Those guys did me a massive favor, and I’m proud of every moment.
I’ll raise a toast to 10 more years to come
Huge thanks to everybody that’s been supporting – wouldn’t be possible without you.
New release out in November.
If you don’t know, check Lightless on Bandcamp (can be found in all stores).

News on Phatventures


January 2017, it’ll finally be time for Phatventures. The idea has definitely been brewing for a while, and tons of beats have been cookin’ as well.
Some peeps have been asking where the label is, as the name’s been popping up a bit, and that’s a legit question, sure enough.
It was supposed to kick it off in summer 2016 and start with a 12″ vinyl LP, but as it sometimes can happen, things with vinyl can get a bit painful when things get messed up at the plant. And they sure did, costing months of waiting and some nerves.
Truth be told and a very long story short: last week I finally said I’ll cancel the pressing thing as I felt it was not going anywhere, and things were not moving. It’s my philosophy I can’t push things that ain’t coming naturally, as sometimes it’s not meant to be.
We’ll be kicking off with tapes and digital in January. I gotta say, the sound of tape really compliments the “golden era” type hip hop – don’t you agree?
There’s already 2 full-length FatGyver albums done waiting for 2017 release, and there’s an absolute ton more cooking, and 2017 should be good for those who like hip hop – and tapes.
When you’re obsessed with making music, there’s no stopping.
Anyways…January 2017: time for first Phatventures beats.



1. Tehbis x Touchy Subject – 1988 (Astrophonica dub)
2. Crypticz & Itoa – MTD (31 Records)
3. Shades – Hypeflex
4. DJ Madd – Peng Teng [Moresounds remix dub]
5. Ilk & Etch – My Soul (Halogen Music)
6. TMSV – Torpedo Riddim (Cosmic Bridge)
7. Afia – F*ck [Fanu remix] (Halogen Music)
8. Alix Perez & Skeptical – Room 667 (1985)
9. Dissident – Thelema [Alpha Cutauri dub]
10.The Weeknd – King Of The Fall [Fracture remix]
11. Kiat – Procession (Defrostatica)
12. Paragon & Gremlinz – Frost (31 Records)
13. SDS – Consciousness (Lightless Recordings dub)
14. Jubei & Goldie – The Prayer [Om Unit remix] (Metalheadz dub)
15. Dom & Roland – Natural Selection (Dom & Roland)
16. Ink & Gremlinz – The Light (Tempo Records dub)
17. Fanu – The Fall (Lightless Recordings dub)

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