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Do we look like the kinda guys who have time to do a tracklist?

DJ Krush, Ital Tek, Fanu + Coleco, Moresounds, Seiji, Om Unit, Binga, FD, Future Cut, Hidden Element, Enjoy, Fracture + Neptune, Teebee + Calyx, Somejerk, Delinquent Habits, DJ Fresh, Chrissy Murderbot, Code Of Practice / Klute, Fanu, Skeptical, Gremlinz + Ahmad, Docius, Dom & Roland, Domu, Graphs, Usual Suspects, Cause 4 Concern, Stray, Trisector, Adam Elemental, Bad Company, Quadrant & Iris & Calculon, Stray, Public Enemy…

On productivity


There’s been some notes for a blog post on my notepad for a while, but I just haven’t found the right time to do it. Today, I was so inspired by some tweets as well as blog posts by friends Andrew Apanov and Resound (who always have some grrrreat stuff to say regarding productivity, productions, promotion, and all that sort biz and keeping it all zen and stuff) that I felt it’s time to get busy with a bit of bloggery.

These are thoughts relating to productivity. In my case it’s mostly about music, but Continue reading On productivity

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