excerpt from ableton live basics video

This is a short excerpt from my Ableton Live tutorial video that’s 4.5 hours long. The full video covers everything you need to get going with Ableton Live, understand all its central topics and tools, and make music in no time, literally. I made this course for all those who want to get familiar with how Ableton Live works. The video contains lots of small tips in addition to all its main topics.

To see what the full video covers, see here.

This excerpt covers:
• How to play a midi track / instrument
• Record a midi clip in two ways
• Creating a clip using the Capture feature
• Clip start and loop 
• Grid in clips
• Creating midi notes
• Record midi notes 
• Using record quantization
• Correcting midi note placement with quantization
• Midi note editing 

Mixing and mastering faq

Mixing and mastering service FAQ

I get quite a lot of DMs and email about certain questions, so I thought I’d make a FAQ here to possibly ease up some DM/email action. 
I’ll add a few other things and general claims and address those. 

• What are your rates?
I’ve tried to make this unbelievably easy to find, and it’s the #1 Google hit for “fanu mastering”.
https://fanumusic.com/mastering/ always has the latest rates.

• What is “VAT” and do I have to pay that?
It means Value Added Tax and it’s a tax system for services in EU. I run a registered business and have to charge VAT of your country if you 1) live in EU and 2) do not operate a business yourself. I do not charge VAT if you do not live in EU. 
E.g., I do not charge US clients any VAT.

• There is the rate for mastering, as well as mixing + mastering, but not just mixing, so what’s the rate for that?
I provide a full final product. If it was “mixed only” Continue reading Mixing and mastering faq

Fanu and Infader: One Thing And Another EP (Lightless Recordings)

Get it:

So how did this EP happen? Well you know, I’ve never been much into collaborating. I admit it: collabo-wise I’m largely a musical hermit. But to an extent, that has to do with the fact that I haven’t come across many producers Continue reading Fanu and Infader: One Thing And Another EP (Lightless Recordings)

Ableton live basics video selling now!

Ableton Live Basics video course

My Ableton Live Basics video course is AVAILABLE NOW.

🔹BUY AT: https://fanumusic.com/shop/ 🔹

There are two options:
• Video only (4.5 hours)
• Video + one hour of personal tuition / assistance (via Skype etc.)

As you know, I’ve been making all my music with Ableton Live for many years now, and I’m also officially an Ableton Certified Trainer.
I wanted to make this video to help YOU, too, to grasp how Ableton Live works and make music with it.

This video covers a 4.5-hours long session that first covers the main tools and techniques and then records the song from Session to Arrangement. 
See the product page for full listing of topics that the video covers. I drop many little tips and tricks and thoughs between the main topics, too.
(NB: This is NOT a video about songwriting; this is a video that helps you use a very popular music-making software).

Video is suitable for both beginners as well as more experienced users who want to learn how to use Ableton Live.

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