Ableton live basics video selling now!

Ableton Live Basics video course

My Ableton Live Basics video course is AVAILABLE NOW.

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There are two options:
• Video only (4.5 hours)
• Video + one hour of personal tuition / assistance (via Skype etc.)

As you know, I’ve been making all my music with Ableton Live for many years now, and I’m also officially an Ableton Certified Trainer.
I wanted to make this video to help YOU, too, to grasp how Ableton Live works and make music with it.

This video covers a 4.5-hours long session that first covers the main tools and techniques and then records the song from Session to Arrangement. 
See the product page for full listing of topics that the video covers. I drop many little tips and tricks and thoughs between the main topics, too.
(NB: This is NOT a video about songwriting; this is a video that helps you use a very popular music-making software).

Video is suitable for both beginners as well as more experienced users who want to learn how to use Ableton Live.

Breaks & Beats Podcast #22

Breaks and Beats Podcast #22


Fanu – 12-bit (SUBB1996)
Adam F – Circles (Tes La Rok remake)
Aeon Four – Pure White (SUBB1996 forthcoming)
Fracture – Bump 2 Dis
Om Unit – Righteousness
TMSV – Ego Death
Sully – Lifted [Welfare remix]
Fanu – Prototype (Metalheadz)
TMSV – FM Dream
Pete Cannon – Make The Dance Nice (N4 Records)
Red Light – Dangerous (Deep Jungle)
Fanu – Recharge (Metalheadz)
ReDraft – Hold Up
Fanu – Drums For Freedom (SUBB1996)
Hot Source – Hot Temptation
Ricky Force – Forlorn (Pressin Hard forthcoming)
? – ?
Grey Code – Pearl (Metalheadz)
Kid Drama – Mirrored Lake

New Fanu 12″ on Straight-Up Breakbeat OUT NOW


New Fanu jungle/D&B 12″ on Straight Up Breakbeat is OUT NOW.

Vinyl and digital
Digital at Fanu Bandcamp

The reason I’m so happy about this is that the label is run by a person who’s to a large extent one of the main reasons I actually became a DNB fan/producer/DJ in the first place.
DJ Dizzy is the man behind the label Continue reading New Fanu 12″ on Straight-Up Breakbeat OUT NOW

Mixing and mastering rates and a few words for 2019

Mixing and mastering rates for 2019

Rates at the end of the post – first, a few words about the service!

• Contact Mastering By Fanu via email •

Mixing and mastering by Fanu offers a world-class mixing and mastering service. It is guaranteed that your song comes out absolutely the strongest it can be. No corners will be cut in analyzing your mix and honing it to perfection.
The service is for both professionals and hobbyists – all are welcome!
The quality I can offer is second to none – I dare say it. At this point I have no doubt saying the quality is up there with the most well-known and oldest studios in the field – yet I’m way less expensive and want to offer a premium customer service.
I.e., I offer what many services do not: discussing your song and telling you (free for my clients) how to correct things about it if need be – for the optimal end result. I don’t only work for you – I work with you for the best possible end result.
No middlemen: you get to discuss it directly with the engineer.

I actually hate to say it, but I keep hearing how many “premium” services do not discuss the mix with the client at all or point out anything wrong with the mix. It shouldn’t be like that, especially when you’re paying them a premium price.

Also, I still have a satisfaction guarantee: if you felt that I’d fail to take your song where it has to be, there would be no charge (certain rules apply: you must deliver a reference song and I must assess your mix before taking on the job).
Yet this is my job that pays for my living.
How is this? I’ve got good ears, I’ve been listening to music since early 90s, and I know how the music should sound. I handle a few hundred songs every single year and listen to music and its many problems daily and can spot and fix them.
My client base is wide and international with clients from all over the world. Biggest clients so far? Pete Rock, Metalheadz. And hundreds of producers and labels over the years.
My treated room with Genelec 8350 with two types of custom room calibration sounds amazing and tight, just like my Audeze LCD-X headphones I also use for close inspection.
I have my heart in this job, and I care massively about the music. It’s my pride to make your song sound so good, I want to stand behind it too. I always give my clients’ song the same attention I give my own.
I’ve been working on my mastering chain for years and years and invested in it seriously. It has state-of-the-art tools for every single need. My mixing toolbox uses the same tools and then some.

See over 100 reviews from clients on the FB page.


• MASTERING: €45 per song.
• MIXING+MASTERING from individual tracks / stem mastering: €50 hourly rate (email for a quote; most songs are done in approx. 1.5–3 hours. Minimum charge €75.
• master + video: €80. Digital “attended mastering”. Song is mastered + an explanatory video documenting the process is made. Song is compared to strong references. Any possible shortcomings of the mix are pointed out.
• mix + master + video: €55 hourly rate – minimum charge €100. The song is mixed and mastered from tracks, and an explanatory video documenting the process is made.
• feedback on a mix (with no mixing/mastering): €30 EUR
• general audio engineering / consultation / audio restoration: €40 hourly rate (Skype/email)

BATCH DISCOUNTS FOR ALBUMS – contact for a quote.

Masters for vinyl / Spotify provided on request.
Revisions / new take / alternate versions (vinyl masters, Spotify versions et cetera): €3 per song / new version / revision (contact to discuss more).
If you are in EU, prices are subject to your local EU VAT.

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