Ableton Live Advanced (video)





Duration: 4.5 hours
Resolution: 1920×1080 (mp4)
Size: 6.9 GB 

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In this Advanced Ableton Live course, we get deeper with understanding Live’s features and functionality.

We begin with Chains, Instrument Racks, and Effect Racks and take a look at signal processing and diving signal into frequency bands.
An in-depth look at Sampler – Live’s more advanced sampler – is for you, if you are not familiar with what Sampler has to offer.
Drum Rack presets are explained for custom macro mapping.
Kickdrums are created from sinewaves as well as total silence (!) using Live’s analog-emulated resonant filters.
Get familiar with Groove Pool to add some serious swing to the rhythm, and apply your own favorite swings to your music.
The video explains what Max For Live is and shows some of its most useful effects and instruments, and Fanu creates a Max Audio Effect from scratch.
Pimping Your Workflow section does what it says on the label: pimps your workflow!
Live’s audio engine and gain staging is explained – this is pure audio facts to eradicate myths and common misunderstandings relating to digital audio.
In the end, Fanu shows you various “bonus quicktips” for the benefit of your advanced learning.

Video is suitable for those who grasp the topics in the Basics video and want to get more advanced with Live.

The video is not a song-writing help video per se, but rather an advanced video expanding your understanding of a complex music-making tool.

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• This purchase does NOT include tuition or support regarding the use of Ableton Live to any extent. To book personal tuition, contact Fanu.