Ableton Live Basics (video)

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Duration: 4.5 hours
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The purpose of this video is to teach you how to make music with Ableton Live.
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In this video, Fanu – an Ableton Certified trainer and a producer with nearly 30 years of electronic music experience – shows and explains Ableton Live’s central concepts and tools. After learning these concepts, you can easily make your own music with Ableton Live using its samplers, synths, and effects. You’ll learn to play, record, and edit music and audio material. 
The most important tools, instruments, and effects are used and explained, so you will learn the basics you need to make music with Live. This should get you motivated and curious and expand your learning – and you’ll be a music-maker using Live in no time.

Video is suitable for both beginners as well as more experienced DAW users who want to grasp how Ableton Live works.

The video is not a song-writing help video, but rather a video that helps you to understand how to use a very popular music-making tool. Several musical concepts (e.g., song section lengths) are discussed on the side. This is not a video that explains all electronic music basics in general.

The video (split into three video files) lasts 4.5 hours and shows a session where Fanu works on a simple 2-minute song while covering everything that is essential about Ableton Live.

Everything you need to understand about making music effortlessly with Ableton Live is covered by the video. A video with an abundance of advanced topics will come later and will be useful to those who have grasped the content in the Basics video.

The main points of the video are listed below. There is way more information in the video than just the points below, and many of the tips and tricks kind of overlap with and appear ”between” the main topics.

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Demo song
Hotkeys for main modules
Browser elements
Quick look at Arrangement and Session views


Playing clips and Scenes
Looking at content of clips
Global quantization, bars, and triggering clips

A word about audio tracks and midi tracks
How to play a midi track / instrument

Record a midi clip in two ways
Creating a clip using the Capture feature
Clip start and loop
Grid in clips
Creating midi notes
Record midi notes
Using record quantization
Correcting midi note placement with quantization
Midi note editing

Audio clips
Warping audio
Warp mode basics
Recording audio from an external source (e.g., a mic)
Recording internally (from tracks / resampling the master)

Saving your project and locating its audio files

Collect all and save a self-contained projectUsing Browser to preview and load sounds into the project

Playing a synth
Freezing tracks
Simpler basics
Using Simpler in Classic mode to play melodies with audio
ASDR envelope
Simpler 1-shot mode
Simpler Slice mode and its different operating modes

Audio effects
Return tracks
Effects rack

Saving clips for easy saving of sounds and ideas

Midi effects

Clip launch modes: trigger, gate, toggle, repeat
Legato play mode for consecutive Session clips
Clips’ follow actions for ”programmed playback” of clips

Making beats
Quick look at Impulse for drums
Getting familiar with the amazing Drum Rack
Layering sounds with Sampler
Using effects inside Drum Rack
Routing signals out of Drum Rack to Return tracks

Using Macros for controlling parameters
Grouping devices to get Macros

Computer keyboard mapping

Saving parameter automation on clips
Working with automation envelopes
Modulation vs automation
Using clips to trigger effects
Legato and follow actions with clip groups + automation

Slicing audio to midi and playing it
Reprogramming your audio as midi
Convert audio to midi rhythm, midi melody, and midi chords

 Making music and working on song structure in Session View
Working with scenes
Scenes as song sections

Recording the song to arrangement
Working on Arrangement
Editing your song in the arrangement: clip/midi/automation
Split, copy, consolidate clips
Understanding switching “play focus” between Session and Arrangement
Understanding Back To Arrangement
Content mode vs automation mode

Recording external sounce (e.g., a mic) into arrangement
Timestreching audio on arrangement 46:48
Automation on arrangement

Simultaneous midi editing for many tracks

Using location markers on Arrangement

Master tempo

How long your clips should be
Thoughts about song section lengths
Export your song and/or tracks


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