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 mastering: €45 per song
mixing + mastering  from tracks: €50 hourly rate (most songs finished in 1–2 hours)
mix + master+ document: €55 hourly rate (The song is mixed and mastered from tracks, and an explanatory video documenting the whole process is made).
audio restoration: €45 hourly rate. Audio “repair service”: declicking, denoising, dehum and various audio repair tasks.Batch discounts for albums etc.  

Masters for vinyl provided on request.
VAT is only added if you are in EU.
Contact for a quote.


Music production assistance videos

Been doing plenty of videos for my clients where I mix and master their songs and explain everything I do using my most trusted plugins and techniques.
I also compare the song to strong reference songs and see how it does compared to them.
On top of this, the producer can ask me questions relating to mixing/mastering/production and I’ll cover all his Qs.

Rate for this: 50 EUR per hour used (+VAT if in EU).

Love my job. Love getting geeky and nerdy. Pretty much more than a full-time thing now with mixing & mastering included, but I love it all.

Bandcamp bonanza

Hello, friends – Bandcamp news!

My forthcoming album is now up as a digital preorder on my Bandcamp. It’ll be released on Jan 12.
You’ll get to download one track right away if you buy it now.

Vinyl preorder campaign
is up for one more week.
(BTW the Diggers Factory site seems to be jammed at the time of writing this; I’ve informed them about this)

Also, my whole Bandcamp discography will be on a -50% discount Continue reading Bandcamp bonanza