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2020…phew! Recap time

Phewwww…what a year right? A year ago many of us said it’ll be the best century ever, not knowing what’d be ahead.

Well, one thing was sure: it was a pretty decent year for music! Producers spent a lot of time indoors, which also lead in me being nearly overbooked as a mixing and mastering engineer.

I put out a variety of stuff myself.
Below, you’ll find Bandcamp links to what came out in 2020. Continue reading 2020…phew! Recap time

Three exclusive DNB tracks

Hi friends!

Got some exclusive new stuff up on my Bandcamp, in Subscriber Specials folder (only visible on Bandcamp to those who have subscribed).

By subscribing, you get ALL songs and also sample packs I have on my Bandcamp now + all future releases.
So it’s a crazy deal!
Alternatively, you can also get these tracks if you’re subscribed to any Patreon tier of mine that includes downloads.

new track out: techstep weed

new fatgyver album out

My new album is out today: “Small Songs That My Samplers Sing”. It’s out via Phatventures.
Find links here.

It’s a hip hop album that explores vibes of classic boom bap and funk, samples film noir, a movie which I think ranks among the best movies ever made, rare Japanese records…and a whole lot more.
There’s also two tracks that see me get away from sampling, and they’re more instrument-based. Can you tell which one?

If you want to pick it up from Bandcamp and support my shit, please do – there’s tapes and digital available. Also streaming, if you don’t want to pay.

I thought that in a way maybe now is not the best time spam your shit or celebrate a birthday…but then again, things have to go on as usual, which at least to me is a consolation in a way.

Hope you like it, and thanks for all support.
For the next 24 hours or so, Bandcamp is waiving its fees, so it’s a decent time to make a purchase if you’ve considered it.