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Classy Coffee Cuts is out

Man, it’s tough to describe music with words, and I’ll let the music do the talking, but I decided I’d write an honest album intro in one single sitting using 10 mins on it tops, so here it is.

This one took a long, LONG time. I’ve been making music for 31 years (since 1992), and while the technical process of making music has become much easier, I’ve become increasingly picky in terms of what I want to do – and especially release.

And I’ve been trying to slightly reinvent myself all the time as I go, which isn’t always easy, but it is very fulfilling. Continue reading Classy Coffee Cuts is out

FatGyver: “Peanut Butter Beats” out now

FatGyver: “Peanut Butter Beats”

This one has been brewing for a long time, and I’ve been for the right moment to release it.
That moment is now.

If you don’t know yet, FatGyver is my (Fanu’s) alias for instrumental hip hop, boombap, funky slower beats.
I’ve always considered myself a disciple of DJ Krush, early DJ Muggs, DJ Shadow, DJ Premier, K-Def, and the likes.

In a way, this music is very far from the more dancefloor aesthetics that Fanu represents: it’s more for the mellowed-out headnod kru that like to bump their beats loud Continue reading FatGyver: “Peanut Butter Beats” out now