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(yeah, correct, it is a bike in that pic – I took it outside the house an hour ago…we’ve got some snow here!)

So wanted to do a quick update on things to come and what’s been.
You may have noticed I’ve been slightly silent here.
Well, reason is, I was rrrreally fecking sick with some monsterous influenza for a while. Didn’t leave home for 10 days and I didn’t know I could cough like that, and hearing was going in and out on some days.
Was smashing the most urgent end-of-year client work, though because I was hell-bent on kicking off a 2.5-week holiday today, Dec 14, and hey here I am, first thing I’m, dropping you guys this update! Continue reading Update!

Fresh snares for ya!

Remember Uncle Fanu promised to hit you up with some snares soon?
Well here they are!

These are all copyright-free.
I’ve tried to keep these organic-ish and mallable: the stuff I would (and will!) use myself.
Good for DNB, trap, hip hop, doing custom breaks, and so on.
You can use these as main snares, layers, pitch them up or down, give them some roasting, and so on.

Also do check out the kicks I posted earlier.


Can you kick it? Have some fresh kickdrums!

Who wants some kickdrums?

Grab them HERE!

Basically, I was creating some kicks with Steinberg Backbone.
I did a bunch, scrapped some crappy ones, and here’s a batch I think should be useful.
Some can be used as main kicks, some as layers…go wild.

I actually plan to give you more drumsounds and create a folder with some subfolders…so this means you’ll get some hihats and snares soonish, so stay tuned!


Create a healthy Reese bass with Serum (fix the Reese bass / two-oscillator sub bass drift problem)

It’s easy and fun to create two-oscillator basses such as Reese basses with Serum, as they sound lively due to the movement caused by two detuned oscillators.
However, this often causes a problem with sub bass, which will also drift in and out, which we don’t want: we want a solid sub bass level.
This video shows you how it’s easy to fix this with Serum.

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