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Create a healthy Reese bass with Serum (fix the Reese bass / two-oscillator sub bass drift problem)

It’s easy and fun to create two-oscillator basses such as Reese basses with Serum, as they sound lively due to the movement caused by two detuned oscillators.
However, this often causes a problem with sub bass, which will also drift in and out, which we don’t want: we want a solid sub bass level.
This video shows you how it’s easy to fix this with Serum.

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Some good free plugins!

Did someone say FREE?
Been a while since I’ve made a list of some actually great free plugins that are worth grabbing.

Let’s take a look!

Also, in June, I want to do another song exclusive walkthrough video, and it’ll be about my recent DNB remix that I did for Make Or Break – let’s talk a bit about breaks soon.
That remix is something I did with Renoise, too, so let’s take a look at that: drums, some creative choices, synths etc.
Also, a video about doing a custom breakbeat is coming.

PHEW! Taking Dec off of audio engineering

Phew, work year for me is now a wrap, and I’m not taking in any more mixes/masters for 2020 – feel free to send in, though, and you’re immediately in the queue.
Returning to action to work on the queue on Jan 4, 2021.

It was a CRAZY workyear. While Corona made some people lose their jobs, my workload increased, as producers spent more time indoors.
I’ve always worked a lot and been a bit of a workaholic, but Continue reading PHEW! Taking Dec off of audio engineering

Fanu remixes peyote buttons

Surprise Fanu release.
New deep vocal D&B time.

I present to you my new one-off remix job I did for Peyote Buttons Music. He kindly contacted me about a possible remix, and, TBH, I don’t remix stuff _that_ often, but the original kind of struck a chord in me and I really wanted to get this busy with this one.

The result is here, and I’m happy about how it came out.
If deep vocal DNB is your thing…this might be, too.