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Three exclusive DNB tracks

Hi friends!

Got some exclusive new stuff up on my Bandcamp, in Subscriber Specials folder (only visible on Bandcamp to those who have subscribed).

By subscribing, you get ALL songs and also sample packs I have on my Bandcamp now + all future releases.
So it’s a crazy deal!
Alternatively, you can also get these tracks if you’re subscribed to any Patreon tier of mine that includes downloads.

A quick “Loppukiri” mix for YLE

Did a 20-minute jungle minimix for national radio, YLE, for Matti 8 and Sonny’s show.
You’ll see a SC player with DLs enabled above, and here is the original link to the site of the show.

Intense breaks, and I’m dropping an unreleased Fanu jungle joint never heard before.

Jonny L – Treading
Fanu – Bliss And Torture
De.Calc – Core Delete
Fanu – Through Thick And Thin
Jonny L – I Want You
Phuture T – Frenzy
dgoHn – Stachybotrys

[Video] Session with Steinberg Backbone

Doing a testdrive with Backbone, a plugin by Steinberg that resynthesizes your drumsounds, splits them into two parts, and lets you tweak them under the hood. Can be used in a way that makes sense and enhances yourdrumsounds, but it also lends itself well for creative options.
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