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Chopping Science episode 2 [video]

Time to nerd out with drums again: I’m slamming you with Chopping Science episode 2 to get you into the mood to work on some drums!

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Here I continue from where I finished in Chopping Science Episode 1.

I’m making the drumloop much more aggressive and talk about how to do it, while showing you, of course.
I got full control of all drumhits, so not stretching anything or using any “pre-made” warped sections…that’s how I’ve been rolling since the 90s with my drums. Continue reading Chopping Science episode 2

Chopping Science [VIDEO]

The most requested thing from me, by far, has been relating to chopping drums and making breakbeats.
And that’s what I will present to you, in the form of Chopping Science video series.
I’ll show you how I chop my drums, what I look for in a break, what device I like to use, and I’ll create a breakbeat loop in the end.
The techniques I use are universal and not DAW-specific.

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