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All-Fanu Mix Vol. 11

The time has come once again to make a potpourri of my productions.

Every time I make a new one, it’s a small proud moment of still being able to make music that I can stand behind – it’s now been three decades since I started, and it’s not always easy!

⛔️WARNING: if you’re allergic to 160-170 BPM breakbeat music, do NOT listen ⛔️ Continue reading All-Fanu Mix Vol. 11

Fanu remixes Norik

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“Black Label” (Metalheadz) DAW walkthrough [VIDEO]

Let me tell and show you a bit about how to make that Metalheadz sound.
I’m requested song walkthrough videos all the time, but honestly they do take quite a bit of time, but I’ve got something special for you today.
A 70-minute DAW walkthrough video.
This is 100% Patreon exclusive and NOT available anywhere else.
If you haven’t joined my mixing-and-production-focused Patreon yet, now’d be a good time (got a nice community of 120 members and growing).
I’m covering everything relating to the song: breaks, bass, processing, what in my opinion makes for a Metalheadz song, importance of different song sections, contrast…everything that makes for a song in general and what to take into account…a bit of music philosophy, too, which isn’t covered much.
Song walkthroughs have been heavily requested – I hope you guys like this one!

[video] Classic FM bass with Ableton Operator

Let’s create a classic FM bass with Ableton Operator often heard in styles like UK garage etc..
Especially if you’re not familar with Operator or FM synthesis, here’s a quick-ish tip of the day for creating a classic bass sound from scratch.
In FM synthesis, you usually have one main oscillator, and its pitch is modulated by that of other oscillators, which can offer a multitude of different timbres.
Adding a little extra spice using Ableton Hybrid Reverb and its new Vintage mode, which can add a little bit of extra texture.