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SP-12 drum samples

I recorded for ya’ll all the in-built drumsounds of my beloved E-MU SP-12. DOWNLOAD here and enjoy:

These are available for all Support team member tier patrons or higher on my Patreon (5 EUR).
They’re nice and chunky; they’re kind of eighties (the machine is from eighties), but highly mallable, I’d say.
My SP-12 was sent to me by a good friend, Jason from Singapore.
Hats off to you, Jason!

PS: On my Patreon, you’ll also find my SP-1200-izer effect rack for Ableton Live (free) – great for dirtifying and crunchifying your drums and adding some lo-fi dirt and smut!

[video] sidechain width in ableton live

Showing you a slightly more advanced technique: how to sidechain width in Ableton Live.
This means that when one sound plays, some other sound will lose its width while it’s happening.
Showing two ways to do it, one involving Max For Live, and the other only using Ableton Live’s native tools.