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200th Patreon post! Short Studio Masterclass ep. 4

Welcoming the new year with 200th Patreon post, w000t!

Here is a brand new Short Studio Masterclass video for you (54 mins video).

I’ve been working on a song on my holiday using Bitwig Studio and I’m covering some topics here. The video isn’t very Bitwig-specific.

Also, you will get an unreleased DNB song as a download.
Literally my latest song. If it gets signed, I will remove the link, so act fast.

(I do talk about more things as I go, but these are the main ones):
• Clipping the bass – why?
• Bass XXL Continue reading 200th Patreon post! Short Studio Masterclass ep. 4

Phase Plant bass nuggets! [video]

Phase Plant

I’ve been trying to think of a synth that might be the end-all-be-all tool for me, and I believe I may have found it. I just bought Phase Plant after many recommendations for it, as I was asking around what the best option might be.

Check out my video on it on Patreon.

I am honestly stoked about this synth. What I always do first is work on some basses and see how conveniently that works out, and wanted to make a video of just that. This thing is just great. Modular too. Continue reading Phase Plant bass nuggets!

Let’s make a custom breakbeat

New breakbeat-making class is in session! (50-min video)

Video here!

One thing that’s been on my video to-do list for a long time – and which also has been requested a few times – is creating a custom breakbeat from separate parts. So I wanted to do just that.
On the video, I’m using TAL Drum, which is a great plugin for drums (this is not an ad: I bought it, as I love the company and their great, inexpensive and also free plugins). Not going thru all it offers, but I’ll go thru some of its very handy features.

Making a sample-based hip hop beat [video]

Time to get busy with some sample-based beatmaking!
New video up is on Patreon now.

I’ve always loved hunting down samples and making stuff around it. I don’t always build things “around it”, but this time I’m doing just that.

I’ve seen some people say stuff like sample-based music is on the decline, and hearing that alone was enough to put my FatGyver pants on and do this for ya’ll! Continue reading Making a sample-based hip hop beat