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About success

I wrote a response to a producer who said he was feeling jealous towards some of his friends who are now enjoying decent success while they haven’t been in the game as long as he is. Thought I’d share.
This is a public post on Patreon, free to all, so feel free to share if it clicks.

Three exclusive DNB tracks

Hi friends!

Got some exclusive new stuff up on my Bandcamp, in Subscriber Specials folder (only visible on Bandcamp to those who have subscribed).

By subscribing, you get ALL songs and also sample packs I have on my Bandcamp now + all future releases.
So it’s a crazy deal!
Alternatively, you can also get these tracks if you’re subscribed to any Patreon tier of mine that includes downloads.

SP-12 drum samples

I recorded for ya’ll all the in-built drumsounds of my beloved E-MU SP-12. DOWNLOAD here and enjoy:

These are available for all Support team member tier patrons or higher on my Patreon (5 EUR).
They’re nice and chunky; they’re kind of eighties (the machine is from eighties), but highly mallable, I’d say.
My SP-12 was sent to me by a good friend, Jason from Singapore.
Hats off to you, Jason!

PS: On my Patreon, you’ll also find my SP-1200-izer effect rack for Ableton Live (free) – great for dirtifying and crunchifying your drums and adding some lo-fi dirt and smut!