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Techstep DNB beats with Alien Girl drums [video]

I recently did a nice session with a patron using a drumloop he gave me, which is the original drumloop that was used in the classic Alien Girl tune by Ed Rush, Optical and Fierce.

So here‘s me having a go with it, layering things a bit and doing some analog-modeled processing to glue the drums together more and add some energy and dirt to the sound.
Let’s get that low-level signal up for added body and full tone.

25 minutes of drumbreak nerdery, here you go!

Short Studio Session #1

The first episode of new miniseries, Short Studio Session, is now up!

Watch here

So in this series, I want to take a song I’m working on and go thru some things that I feel are interesting. Can be song structure, sound choices, plugins etc.
Aiming to keep more bite-sized than mega masterclass, so this is 24 minutes long.

In the first episode, talking about how to build a song from intro to its busy part and checking some useful plugins in the process, too.

Hope it gives you some ideas!


“Black Label” (Metalheadz) DAW walkthrough [VIDEO]

Let me tell and show you a bit about how to make that Metalheadz sound.
I’m requested song walkthrough videos all the time, but honestly they do take quite a bit of time, but I’ve got something special for you today.
A 70-minute DAW walkthrough video.
This is 100% Patreon exclusive and NOT available anywhere else.
If you haven’t joined my mixing-and-production-focused Patreon yet, now’d be a good time (got a nice community of 120 members and growing).
I’m covering everything relating to the song: breaks, bass, processing, what in my opinion makes for a Metalheadz song, importance of different song sections, contrast…everything that makes for a song in general and what to take into account…a bit of music philosophy, too, which isn’t covered much.
Song walkthroughs have been heavily requested – I hope you guys like this one!

Reference songs for producing/mixing/mastering

As a mixing and mastering engineer, I’m often asked about good reference songs, so I did a FREE post on my Patreon listing some refs I use often with some most popular genres (DNB, house, hip hop, trap, techno):

Later this month I’ll be doing two EXCLUSIVE videos:
1) how to reference efficiently and
2) how to set up your own mastering project in your DAW.

So if this is something that interests you, sign up to my Patreon.