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Here’s D&B Breaks Sample Pack by Fanu.

Here’s over 170 breakbeats used in my own Fanu productions over so many years.
You’ll find some familiar ones processed and edited as well as custom ones I’ve made myself.

What can I say – I love breakbeats…always have.
I hope this pack will inspire you to work on some breakbeat-rich music.
Feel free to use any of these in your productions – you obviously don’t have to ask me for my permission, but I’d love to hear what you come up with.

NOTE THAT SOME OF THOSE ARE SUPER LONG, so make sure to check out all the variation in them.
Going way beyond your one-bar loops!
Individual break purchases activated, too.

I’ve largely left out big reverb throws, long cymbals and heavy effects, as I know I dislike those when chopping beats myself.
If you find something where you think I’ve left something annoying on, pls let me know and I’ll take a look.

Happy chopping…let’s push the D&B and breakbeat culture.

PS: Intro pricing for the first week; price will rise in August.
PPS: FatGyver hip hop beats pack coming later in the year.

[video] sidechain width in ableton live

Showing you a slightly more advanced technique: how to sidechain width in Ableton Live.
This means that when one sound plays, some other sound will lose its width while it’s happening.
Showing two ways to do it, one involving Max For Live, and the other only using Ableton Live’s native tools.

techstep weed – separate tracks (download)

I upload all the tracks of Techstep Weed to my Dropbox as audio tracks.
A few buses are included (drums, bass, some synths).
Files are 24-bit, 44.1K with some headroom.

You can either use them as samples in your own music, or if you want to have a go at a remix, please do (I won’t promise reposting or releasing any but will def take a listen if you remix the shizz)!

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