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Techstep DNB beats with Alien Girl drums [video]

I recently did a nice session with a patron using a drumloop he gave me, which is the original drumloop that was used in the classic Alien Girl tune by Ed Rush, Optical and Fierce.

So here‘s me having a go with it, layering things a bit and doing some analog-modeled processing to glue the drums together more and add some energy and dirt to the sound.
Let’s get that low-level signal up for added body and full tone.

25 minutes of drumbreak nerdery, here you go!

Create a healthy Reese bass with Serum (fix the Reese bass / two-oscillator sub bass drift problem)

It’s easy and fun to create two-oscillator basses such as Reese basses with Serum, as they sound lively due to the movement caused by two detuned oscillators.
However, this often causes a problem with sub bass, which will also drift in and out, which we don’t want: we want a solid sub bass level.
This video shows you how it’s easy to fix this with Serum.

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Song walkthrough video: Amos Keato – Some Dread Purpose (Fanu Remix)


Patreon class is in session!
Here comes a video (47 mins) walkthru of my recent
remix for Make Or Break,

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In this video, I’m talking about breaks, things relating to chopping them, what I look for in a break, some of the processing, bass stuff, how the song evolves and what I find important in song structures etc…
I find that especially in terms of song structures, there’s not a whole lot of info out there, so wanted to cover that once again as well.

I hope you find some useful nuggets here.