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Radioshow archive (May 18, 2012)

Fanu with Science HKI


I had the honor of having the gentlemen of Science HKI as a guest on my radioshow on May 18.
They just kicked off their own radioshow on Bassoradio – it’s every second Friday of the month at 8-10 GMT / 3-7 EST on Basso.
Here’s the archive!


Greenleaf – Only You (Two Hungry Ghosts dub)
Mineral – Living The Dream [ESC + Subsense remix] (dub)
Ricky Force + Mecca – You’ll Never Know (dub)
Eschaton – Galatea (Omni Music)
Blu Mar Ten – Sweet Little Supernova [D-Bridge remix] (Blu Mar Ten)
IJO – Herbie’s Talking (Pinecone Moonshine)
Smyla + Script – Old Skool Love (CyberCrunk free download)
Enjoy – Then No Probs (Pinecone Moonshine)
Eschaton – Light Beyond (Omni Music)
Fracture + Ella Jones – Lately (Warm Communications)
Photek – Hidden Camera [Static mix] (Science)
Yagura – Genesis (dub)
Najeem S – Come With Me To Sky (Lightless dub)
Instramental – Sakura (Darkestral)



Cern – Raven Row (horizons)
Dejaru – Hashish (dub)
Trisector & Infader – Wired (hustle audio)
noetic nodus – untitled
Grimm – hunters march (future thinkin)
Macc – Nunez (Transmute)
squarepusher – conumber (spymania)
photek – resolution (photek rmx) (science)
known unknown – rollers edit (audio couture)
Randomer – Appetite [Med School]
Mineral – Jupiter [In Da Jungle Recorgings]
Sunchase – Warm Space [Horizons Music]
Naibu & Ena – Memories Of Rain [HE:Digital]
Rory McPike – Optic One (dub)
DJ Hype – bad man (ganja)

Gracias – “Nightshift” (Fanu remix)

To promote Gracias + JTT’s awesome debut collabo album, “GLOBE”, out on Cocoa Music on May 7, 2012, I present to you my remix of mr. G’s awesome “Nightshift”.
Here it is – Gracias’s superb flow meets Fanu’s broken beat treatment, which even makes a little visit to a housey side.
Enjoy it, play it, download it, share it, and make sure to check out “GLOBE” by Gracias + JTT on May 7.

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Cocoa Music site

Radioshow archive (Apr 20, 2012)

Here’s the archive of D&B radioshow by Fanu on Bassoradio on 4/20.
Download and SHARE!


01. Tek 9 – The Beast Within (Crammed Discs)
02. Skanna – This Way (Skanna)
03. Intensity – Generations (Basement)
04. Studio Pressure – Jump MKII (Certificate 18)
05. Leon Mar – Address Unknown (Reinforced)
06. The Truper – Volume 3 A untitled (Streebeats)
07. The Source – We Are At War (Awesome Records)
08. Noetic Nodus – Red Monolith (dub)
09. Mineral – The Focus (In Da Jungle)
10. Rufige Kru – VIP Riders Ghost (Metalheadz)
11. Chris Inperspective – Heather’s Hot Waffles (Exit)
12. Mendelayev – Smoking World (Break-Fast Audio)
13. Rory McPike – Blade (dub)
14. Yona – Kevätfiilis [Fanu remix] (free download)
15. Seba + Paradox – Can’t Let Go (Paradox Miusic)
16. Soul Delay – Lebanon (dub)
17. Thinktank – Ritual (Obscene)
18. Sonic and Silver – On The Anson (Metalheadz)
19. Martsman – Rags (dub)
20. Fistfunk – 0001 (Lightless Digital)
21. Fanu – Aurora [Paradox remix] (unreleased)
22. Ed Rush + Nico – Technology [Boymerang remix] (No U-Turn)
23. DBR – Policies [Morphy remix] (dub)
24. Dubmonger – Poolbeg St. Dub (Dubmonger)
25. NCQL – The Framed Dreams Of Loki (Subtle Audio)
26. Aspect & Gremlinz – Kilo (Renegade Hardware)
27. Nucleus and Paradox – Aragon (Metalheadz)
28. Blue Motion & Furi Anga – Switchblades (Break-Fast Audio)

Yona – “Kevätfiilis” (Fanu remix) [free download]

I’m a huge fan of Yona and her original song, “Kevätfiilis”.
I asked Yona if I could remix the track, and to my delightful surprise, I was given the permission to do it.

The title of the track if Finnish and it translates into “Springtime vibe”.
I did the remix when the winter here in Finland finally gave way to spring and the sun started shining, melting away the snow and ice we’d seen throughout the long, dark winter we had, so the timing was perfect.

We mutually decided that we’d give the remix out for free.
You can download the mp3 on Fanu’s Soundcloud page.

I hope you like it as much as I liked both enjoying the original (which you can easily find on Youtube) as well as crafting the remix, which I think came out pretty warm and energetic, just like proper springtime should be.

Play it out loud and enjoy some true kevätfiilis!

-Janne Fanu

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