Mastering soundclips on Soundcloud

I uploaded a few soundclips – after mastering / before mastering.
NOTE: Soundcloud does compress the sound, so the examples uploaded cannot represent the full uncompressed quality. The files are available in .wav format at

Mastering contact:


PRICING (includes VAT; these are the actual prices charged):
• €45 per song when there’s 3 songs or less (£33/$48*)
• €35 per each following song (£25/$38)
[batch discounts for albums / 4+ songs (case-specific)]
• mixing + mastering a song from stems: €70 and up (£52/$76)
• €10 per revision (only if more work is needed) (£7/$11)
• various audio work (cleaning up recordings, production advice, etc): €45 per hour (£33/$48)
* = approximate conversions