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Mix for Solid Steel

I did an exclusive mix for the legendary Ninja-Tune-operated Solid Steel show. Hope you dig it.

01. Damu The Fudgemunk – Assembly Line (Redefinition Records)
02. Damu The Fudgemunk – 2004 Beat Original (Redefinition Records)
03. Pete Rock – Strange Fruit (Loud Records)
04. Cypress Hill – Funk Freakers (Ruffhouse)
05. DJ Shadow – Heavy Mood (Reconstruction Productions)
06. FatGyver – Monday Stroll (Redefinition Records forthcoming)
07. FatGyver – Celestial (Redefinition Records forthcoming)
08. Danny Breaks – Beat Biter (Droppin’ Science)
09. Fanu – Street Sermon (Lightless)
10. Photek – Consciousness (Metalheadz)
11. Om Unit – Timelines (Metalheadz)
12. Coleco – Spatial (Inflect)
13. Photek – Aleph 1 (Virgin)
14. Paradox – Play Twice Before Listening (Paradox Music)
15. Fanu – Ninja Chicks (Darkestral Ice)
16. Adam Elemental – Poly6 (Runtime)
17. Fanu – Paracosm (Lightless Recordings)
18. DJ Krush – Maze (Mo Wax)
19. Jay-Z – Dead Presidents (Priority)
20. Lonnie Liston Smith – A Garden Of Peace (Doctor Jazz Records)
21. V-Love – The Wilderness (Icon Records)
22. Klaus Layer – Immer Noch Hungrig (Redefinition Records)
23. Raw Poetic & K-Def – Stealin’ Bread (Redefinition Records)

“Should I make music?”


I addressed a question, ”Should I continue making music” on a music forum, and upon finishing, I thought that the reply, which came out way longer than I initially expected, would make a decent blog post, for it’s been in the back of my mind to blog about that particular topic because, every now and then, I am asked how long I’ve been making music, how long did it take until I started getting songs released – ”Should I quit because I’ve been making music for X years and still haven’t got signed” etc… so here we go.
Should I make music? Should you make music? Let’s find out. Continue reading “Should I make music?”

Radioshow archive (Feb 17, 2014)

Went solo this time.

The Future Sound Of London – Mouth Muse (Jumpin & Pumpin)
Squarepusher – Plaistow Flex Out (Warp)
Nic TVG – Sitting in the Crosswalk (Pinecone Moonshine)
Moresounds – Flocon (Astrophonica)
Louis Blaise – Love And Gwalla [Phillip D Kick remix] (free download)
Dillinja – Sovereign Melody (Valve)
The Prodigy – Everybody in the place (155 and rising) (XL)
Squarepusher – Theme From Ernest Borgnine (Rephlex)
Sinistarr & Silent Dust – The Chant (none60)
Ital Tek – Froze Up (Civil Music)
SHAWN T // K-AZE – Big Poppa (All Roads Music free download)
Klute – Survival (Certificate 18)
Rufige Cru – Menage (Reinforced)
Ital Tek – Violet (Planet Mu)
DLX – LoCash (Smog)
GoLab – How Long (Dynamix)
Machine Girl – Sister Juke (Dynamix)
Pawn and Calculon – Larchmont [Om Unit remix] (Shoot Recordings)
Black Grape – Fat Neck [Goldie remix] (Radioactive)
Baby Fox – Rain [DJ Krust remix] (Malawi)
Mama Mystique – Tremendous [DJ Krust remix]
DLX & Wish – Get Up
Om Unit ft. Kromestar– Lightworkers Call (Civil Music)
Moresounds – Deux Mille (free download)
Ital Tek – Re Entry (Civil Music)
Seba – Science fiction (Secret Operations)
Dexta & Hyroglifics – Boxgroove (Diffrent Music)
Fanu – Paracosm (Lightless dub)
Noetic Nodus – Sukhoy Nos (dub)
Stray ft. Fracture – Bounce That (Exit)
Pixelord – Floppy Room (free download)
Seba – Mesmerism (Secret Operations)
Subsense & Mechanik – dub
Fanu – Waxcavation (Lightless)
DJ Krust – Proof (Talkin Loud)
Verb – Poison Flower (Kontra)
SB81 – Dancer In The Dark (Metalheadz)
Coleco – Nostalgic Future (Trapdoor Recs. free download)
The Untouchables – Adamantium (Tribe12)
Fre4knc – The Source Of ’98 (Samurai Music dub)
Trisector – Power Glove (dub)
Flow Steremov – Jumping Bastards (dub)