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[VIDEO] Plugin check: Trackspacer

Plugin checkout #1: Wavesfactory Trackspacer.

A dynamic sidechain plugin that cuts out from the desired signal the frequencies of the source signal. A helpful mixing tool. Showing how Trackspacer can be used to make room in a mix.

Was working on this mix and needed to something about vox/guitar clash and Trackspacer helped me a bit.

Ableton Live “versus” Pro Tools

Screen Shot 2016-03-03 at 17.43.57
Live / Pro Tools


LATER EDIT: I dropped using Pro Tools for good and am now doing everything in Ableton Live.

Having been an Ableton Live user for so many years,  I recently gave Pro Tools a shot. Why? I had heard a lot of good about it in terms of its editing and mixing capabilities; that’s my job and that’s what I do a lot on my freetime as well, so I wanted to check PT out.
I ended up liking it, and prior to writing this, I put an order in, which means I’ll definitely be using it alongside Live.
I felt it might be interesting to jot down points about the differences Continue reading Ableton Live “versus” Pro Tools

Badass plugins post

Plugins galore!

This one’s been in the air for a while: to write about the plugins I use the most. I don’t have an absolute massive ton of plugs, and as I’ve become more experienced, I’ve tried to adapt the “less is more” and “learn a few tools inside out” philosophy with plugins, but I suppose still have/had a few too many “waiting to get used” (I actually ended up deleting a few while going thru the list, trying to pick the ones I’d write about).
For this one, I’ll concentrate on the effects Continue reading Badass plugins post

Checkout: Serum synth


Being a total music tech geek who’s reading Gearslutz and other related forums all the time when not busy making music, mastering it for clients or  playing with plug-ins and DAWs, I thought it might be relevant to start writing about it a little. So here’s a little checkout of the Serum synth by Xfer Records. I won’t go into writing a comprehensive manual or a comparison, but just say how I felt about it. I know there’s numerous reviews out there, but I wanted to do one of my own just go get practice with writing a bit longer as I’m planning to write more for the blog.

I bought Serum recently after demoing it for a while. I don’t dare demo things very often because Continue reading Checkout: Serum synth