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Bandcamp subscription!

I have just enabled an annual subscription model for my Bandcamp:

This is to support an artist and to give him faith that music still sells and releasing is worth it.
This promotes a vibe that a hard-working music-maker can still get a part of his living from what he makes.

By subscribing, you’ll get all the music I’m releasing on my own and via Bandcamp for one full year. I will ALSO do some subscriber exclusive tracks.

You’ll also get immediate access to EVERYTHING I have up on my Bandcamp page!

Read more and access the subscription at

“Valoton Project” vinyl album preorder

Fanu: “Valoton Project” – new album out on June 15 on Lightless Recordings.

Soundcloud preview
(NB: Songs fade in/out and are not complete songs)

You can *only* get the vinyl from that link; this is another Diggers Factory project (two records done with them successfully). Everyone ordering the record will be sent the digital files on release day.

This album is breaky, but slower tempo than you might expect.
It also has some beatless tracks in the end; that’s another path I want to explore.
A music-maker, I constantly want to evolve Continue reading “Valoton Project” vinyl album preorder

Breaks & Beats Podcast #21

New DJ mix is up. DLs are enabled.
Please do me a favor and share it if you like it.
DJ BOOKINGS: for rates and availability.

As always, it’s my pleasure and duty to expose you to amazing breaks and beats of the bass music world.
Jungle, footwork, halftempo, drum and bass…that’s the name of the game.
80–170 BPM breaks and beats and bass music.

Aeon Four – Transient [Boomsha Recordings forthcoming]
Aeon Four – Water Margin [Boomsha Recordings forthcoming]
Fanu / FatGyver – Machinedrummachine [Defrostatica]
J Majik – Hidden Menace [Reinforced]
Detboi – Ice Cold Blood On The Drums [Metalheadz]
Graham Greenleaf – Time [Rupture]
Dillinja – One For The Trouble [Deep Jungle]
6Blocc & Shamanga & Calculon – Call Out [Defrostatica Records]
Dak – Murot On Loppu (Bandcamp)
DISSIDENT – Cocosmos [Microfunk]
Lewis James – Searchtower [none60]
Nucleus – Raw Delux [Rupture]
Out Of Fuel – Dead Light [Din Is Noise]
Om Unit & Sam Binga – Never Been to Berghain [Bunit]
Balatron – Zout [Sublimate]
Balatron – Dat Paper Crunch [Sublimate]
Nuendo – Numbers Station [dub]
Glyphic & Kolanek – Breakpoint [dub]

Announcing music production tuition / “help service”

I’m launching a music production tuition / “help service”.

See an example of what I do: a beatmaking session video on Youtube.

What is that exactly?
I’m an electronic music production professional with 25+ years of electronic music production experience (Fanu / FatGyver) – I started around 1992 and have been at it since.
I’ve also founded a successful music mixing and mastering business with a wide international client base, which is now my day job that pays for my living (Mastering and Mixing by Fanu).
Also, I’m officially Ableton Certified, meaning I’m an Ableton pro. I mostly do tuition as one-to-one sessions in my home and do a few workshops per year in my area. I just made Skype work for that nicely, too.

Producers contact me with Qs relating to these three things on the regular, almost daily now, with Continue reading Announcing music production tuition / “help service”