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FatGyver/Fanu mix + interview with 1 More Thing

I have a new DJ mix and an interview for you.

đź—Ł INTERVIEW can be read here on 1 More Thing Blog.

Had the pleasure of being interviewed by the amazing DNB-minded journalist, Dave Jenkins.

We talked about coffee quite a bit, my latest album, Fanu / FatGyver productions…

And I got really loaded on strong coffee and recorded a 45-minute mix. The mix starts with FatGyver stuff, goes into Fanu, and back to FatGyver.

So brew a cup of your fave drink (or I guess it’s ok to get wild with eggnog already too?), blast the mix, and read the interview.

DJ set: Kontula Electronic 2022


I had the pleasure of DJing at Kontula Electronic event in Helsinki.
Thanks to Bass Indicates crew for having me!

New Skool Society – The Natural
T.Power – Octogon
Esc – Lumberjack’s Groove
Luke Vibert – 165 303
Jonny Faith – Open My Eyes
Fanu (unreleased)
Naphta – Soundclash
88 Katanas: EchoSliding
Kemal: The Bleed
Fanu (unreleased)
Equinox: I Don’t Want To Hurt You
Plug: Quick Plug For A New Slot
88 Katanas – Real Thugs Recycle
Kaotic Chemistry – Drum Trip (Detbois Trip Remix)
Fanu (unreleased remix action)
Fracture and Neptune: Colemanism
FatGyver: unreleased
Dak: Junk 8
Plug: Military Jazz
Rhytual: Deus (Esc remix)

All-Fanu Mix Vol. 11

The time has come once again to make a potpourri of my productions.

Every time I make a new one, it’s a small proud moment of still being able to make music that I can stand behind – it’s now been three decades since I started, and it’s not always easy!

⛔️WARNING: if you’re allergic to 160-170 BPM breakbeat music, do NOT listen ⛔️ Continue reading All-Fanu Mix Vol. 11