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All-Fanu Mix Vol. 11

The time has come once again to make a potpourri of my productions.

Every time I make a new one, it’s a small proud moment of still being able to make music that I can stand behind – it’s now been three decades since I started, and it’s not always easy!

⛔️WARNING: if you’re allergic to 160-170 BPM breakbeat music, do NOT listen ⛔️ Continue reading All-Fanu Mix Vol. 11

A quick “Loppukiri” mix for YLE

Did a 20-minute jungle minimix for national radio, YLE, for Matti 8 and Sonny’s show.
You’ll see a SC player with DLs enabled above, and here is the original link to the site of the show.

Intense breaks, and I’m dropping an unreleased Fanu jungle joint never heard before.

Jonny L – Treading
Fanu – Bliss And Torture
De.Calc – Core Delete
Fanu – Through Thick And Thin
Jonny L – I Want You
Phuture T – Frenzy
dgoHn – Stachybotrys

FatGyver presents PhatCast Vol. 2 (mix)

Got busy on the 1s and 2s and recorded a new mix: PhatCast Vol. 2.
Was supposed to get busier with this series a long time ago…so here we go again. Quality-a$$ instrumental hip hop and you know it.




Some of those beats were h3ll to mix…there was some really short as well as somehow unquantized stuff, tempo changes etc. 
Thanks to @Serato for looping things on the fly! 
I still haven’t used sync once in my life, but some of this stuff makes me think I *need* to use it. But stuff like this is really good practice, and TBH I’ve never been one to mix the easy stuff anyways.

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