Metalheadz podcast by Fanu

I put my DJing pants on and whipped up a 94-minute journey for Metalheadz Podcast series.

A good DJ set is a journey, and that is what I am aiming for.

20 years of DJing behind me, still loving it. Taking bookings.

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Jack Dixon – E

Ames Henry – Ms. Beverly

Seba – Breaks Selection [ Jesper Dahlbäck remix] (Secret Operations)

Luke Vibert – Acidhouse Ecstasy (Frendzone)

Fanu – Raccoon Acid (HeadzState)

Fanu – Balcony Acid (HeadzState)

Greenleaf – Cold Soul (Lightless)

Denham Audio – Overused Vocal Track 2 (Frendzone)

Mister Shifter – That Dreama Track (Dispatch)

Rufige Kru – You Had To Be There (Metalheadz)

Etch – Blood on the mound

Rufige Kru – Menace

Fanu – Aura Eleven (Straight Up Breakbeat) 

Dj Crystl – Too Deranged To Meditate (dub)

Baltra – Wabi-Sabi 

Anonym – A Feeling I Know So Well (dub)

Source Direct – Stars [Fanu remix] (Odysee)

ODJ Pirkka – louder than bombs (dub)

EPROM, G Jones – On The Platform (dub)

black grape – Fat Neck (Goldie remix)

Fanu – Robusta Acid (dub)

ODJ Pirkka – ninja tune (dub)

oval – Cause & Effect (Lightless dub)

Eprom – Drone Warfare Amen Mix (dub)

oval – In The Cut (Lightless dub)

Park Shadow – Pusher (Lightless dub)

TRC2 – Straw Hat (Offish)

Andy Odysee –  Waterblade Warrior (Odysee)

Annie Lennox – 1000 beautiful things [blu mar ten remix]

Will Lawton and the Alchemists – Fossils of the Mind [Darqwud remix] (forthcoming)