Breakbeat Of The Month – a new series starts

I‘m starting a new video series on my Patreon called Breakbeat Of The Month
In each episode, I will pick a breakbeat and chop it up and make a jungle beat with it.
I will always go to the raw source and chop, program and process that (as opposed to an already processed/edited version). This “DIY” culture is important to me.
I have been making jungle and DNB for 25+ years and I want to teach you all too and show you my process.

This first episode, I’m picking the very classic Amen Brother break. I know, I know, we’ve all heard a million times, but I’m not sure I’ve ever chopped it publicly, and hey, if I didn’t start with the king of the breaks, I’d be doing it wrong.
Will provide you with downloads, too (original break and sometimes the resulting one).
For this episode, you will get the original drumbreak, my Drum Rack that I’m using, and the midi clip.
Aiming to do these at least once a month so join the ride!