All-Fanu Mix Vol. 10 (free download)

Drum and bass friends, it’s my pleasure to give you (for free):
All-Fanu Mix Vol. 10 [free download via Soundcloud, and tracklist at the bottom of the post]

Phew – it’s really the tenth mix in this series.
Maybe a celebratory beer is in order?

I’ve always felt corny talking about my own music, but I’ll say the older I get, the more proud (in a healthy way) I feel about being the breakbeat nerd that I am (to think of it, at some point I almost wanted to leave that style behind!), and in many ways the thanks for that goes to all you, my musical friends…your support and love for the stuff I do has been invaluable…so thank you.

This mix contains some of my recent work on my own label Lightless, also Straight-Up Breakbeat releases as well as Metalheadz ones as well as collabos.

A little update, too, of what’s been going on on this end for those who care .
Sorry it took a bit to record this – can’t say times have been normal or easy for me either. 
I was supposed to record this in early March…but, I was sick as a dog the whole of March – yup, probably exactly what you’re thinking of. Made it thru it though, and I bet anyone else will, too.
In April, when I finally shook it off, my sleeping pattern got sooo trashed (due to just staying inside like a zombie), I was getting like 4-5 hours a night…whee. And all that time, I was handling work (I run a mixing and mastering business that’s a one-man job).
Man let me tell you I’m not exaggerating when I say those two months were the hardest period in my whole life…I was a living wreck.

Now, I’ve finally been on clear waters for 3 weeks, getting stronger, been skateboarding, riding my bike like crazy, going out, downing tasty craft beers…and life feels genuinely good!

A relevant point here is I’ve finally been making new music, too…yay! New hiphop and some dark-ish DNB in the works (first world prob though: sun is shining strong now, and that makes making dark DNB hard, haha).

I also just joined Patreon, where a lot of music production content will come:

There’ll be a new Metalheadz EP coming at some point, so get ready.

What else? Well, if you made it this far…thank you.

I hope you like the breaks!

Permanent Vacation (Straight Up Breakbeat)
12-bit (Straight-Up Breakbeat)
Aura Eleven (Straight-Up Breakbeat)
Octamen (Lightless)
Mystic Woods (Straight-Up Breakbeat)
Never Meet Your Heroes [with Infader] (Lightless)
Prototype (Metalheadz)
Timetravels (Straight-Up Breakbeat)
Black Label (Metalheadz)
Host [with Infader] (Lightless)
Wandan [with Infader] (Lightless)
Drums For Freedom (Straight-Up Breakbeat)
Ritual In Time [feat. The Filthy Whitman] (Lightless)
Techstep Weed (Bandcamp exclusive)
Peyote Buttons Music : Love of my Life [Fanu remix]