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[video] VLOG: Inspiration

It’s been a year since my VLOG sessions, so here’s a new one.
Some thoughts on what inspiration is in my opinion, and how it can be a bit of a misconception to some.
This relates to any creative field.
Let me know what works for you!

[Video] VLOG #3: Advice for young producers

Being active on social media about music production stuff, I receive questions, “Do you have any tips for me?” on the regular. This video is about my tips to young producers.

Some of my own personal music production philosophy here.

Vlog # 1: Motivation

I had a blog post planned, but this time I thought I’d try doing a vlog thing instead.
The topic is motivation. It mostly relates to music, because that’s what I do, but most of this can be applied to anything, no matter what your craft is.
The thoughts arose from a conversation with a person who got in touch about some tips and inspiration on how to get forward with music.