Announcing music production tuition / “help service”

I’m launching a music production tuition / “help service”.

See an example of what I do: a beatmaking session video on Youtube.

What is that exactly?
I’m an electronic music production professional with 25+ years of electronic music production experience (Fanu / FatGyver) – I started around 1992 and have been at it since.
I’ve also founded a successful music mixing and mastering business with a wide international client base, which is now my day job that pays for my living (Mastering and Mixing by Fanu).
Also, I’m officially Ableton Certified, meaning I’m an Ableton pro. I mostly do tuition as one-to-one sessions in my home and do a few workshops per year in my area. I just made Skype work for that nicely, too.

Producers contact me with Qs relating to these three things on the regular, almost daily now, with a wide variety of questions, and my service would help these people.
I’ve been giving quite a bit of free help via various social media over the years and noticed that my expertise is welcome: once I help someone, the questions keep coming in.
It’s time to offer all this expertise as a paid service.

I’m thinking one way to do this would be via Skype; I’ve now set up decent screen and audio sharing capabilities, which allow me to share my computer screen, computer audio, and my own speech.
I also have some producers hitting me up via Telegram with production-related questions, and we’ve been thinking of suitable, tailored payments plans for everybody based on what type help they need and how often.

Hourly price: 45 EUR (+ I am obliged to charge VAT if you are in the EU) – this is subject to change at any time.
Charging for that would be based on actual time used for sessions.
Batch price for several hours can be discussed.

I have also been doing tailored videos on specific topics, which I must admit I like doing a lot.

This is still slightly at planning stage, but nothing says I can’t kick things off with those who are interested already.

Just a few example topics I am asked on the regular:
• “I’d like to learn Ableton basics”
• “I’ve always had trouble mixing my songs and I have trouble with [X and Y] in my productions – can you comment on my mix so I can improve my productions?”
• “Can I pick your brain about some suggested plugins for a specific task / could you show me how to use them to achieve [X]?”
• “How do I make my bass more audible?”
• “I’d like to learn how to chop samples and make sample-based music”
• “I could use a really quick 2-hour crash course on Ableton”
etc. etc.

The only thing I wish not to “teach” or comment is musical content and highly subjective matters.
“Is my song good? How to make a good song? What do you think about my song?” so what I’d offer would be mostl the technical side.