“Black Label” (Metalheadz) DAW walkthrough [VIDEO]

Let me tell and show you a bit about how to make that Metalheadz sound.
I’m requested song walkthrough videos all the time, but honestly they do take quite a bit of time, but I’ve got something special for you today.
A 70-minute DAW walkthrough video.
This is 100% Patreon exclusive and NOT available anywhere else.
If you haven’t joined my mixing-and-production-focused Patreon yet, now’d be a good time (got a nice community of 120 members and growing).
I’m covering everything relating to the song: breaks, bass, processing, what in my opinion makes for a Metalheadz song, importance of different song sections, contrast…everything that makes for a song in general and what to take into account…a bit of music philosophy, too, which isn’t covered much.
Song walkthroughs have been heavily requested – I hope you guys like this one!