Breaks ‘n’ Beats Podcast # 8


Here we go! A new episode of B&B podcast.
A fairly colourful mixture of moods and vibes, going from one to another in a heartbeat, just like I like to do, mixing it all up.
It’s mostly new music, some dubs in there, and I’m wrapping it up with a Lightless dub from Moresounds
Had a good caffeine rush on when I started so I had to down a beer in the middle of the set to calm down a bit (I recommend you enjoy bass music with coffee or beer, or both).

What do you think of the artwork? I’m pretty hyped. Done by Ingrid. That bear may have to watch those nails, though.

Here’s the tracklist. Hope ya dig it!

Neveready – Consumption & Lies [Stene & Dullatron remix] (NexGen)
Etch x Third Person Lurkin – Prismatic [Etch revision] (Space & Time)
Deft – Promise Me (Project Mooncircle)
Sam Binga – Elastic (Critical)
Koda – Crisis (Intalektive Records)
Hidden Element – Hot Pants [Dexta’s Jungle Edit] (Translation Recordings)
Kator – Connor [Fanu remix] (Defrostatica Records forthcoming)
Lowcut – 3Four (45Seven)
Dexta & Bredren – 1993 feat. Ruby White] (Hospital)
Mark System – Optix (Exit forthcoming)
Seba – Berberian sound (Secret Operations)
Alix Perez x DJ Rashad x DJ Spinn – Don’t This Ish (free DL)
Crypticz – Magnets (Inflect forthcoming)
Fracture x Chimpo – Hard Food (Metalheadz forthcoming)
Acid Lab – Ultra (dub)
Detail & Tiiu – Days Go By (Symmetry)
King Fifi – The Riddim (45Seven)
Loxy, Resound & Skeptical – Choices (Cylon)
Bunit – Onionz
Ivy Lab – Live On Your Smile [El Train Remix] (Critical)
Mako – Do You Feel The Same (Warm Communications)
Skeptical – Instant Reflex (Exit)
Seba – Inside Yourself (Secret Operations)
SDS – Andromeda (Machinist dub)
Pocketdred – Hop Skip Jungle (dub)
Moresounds – Braaka Töölö (Lightless dub)