Breaks & Beats Podcast #10: ”Focus On Drums”


[art by Ingrid]

This time, instead of going for more contemporary material, the podcasts focuses on wicked drumworks in D&B. A lot of this stuff is old, and I wanted to include tunes from whom I consider to be among the masters of drumworks in D&B. I’ve always been inspired a lot by Danny Breaks, early Dillinja, Source Direct (with all their aliases), Fracture & Neptune, Nucleus, Equinox, Seba, Klute…hats off to those guys and their beats. Put a few humble efforts of mine in there, too, which largely pay homage to those who have inspired me.

There’ll be more breaks-orientated podcasts coming.
Play the drums.


Sounds Of Life – A Spice Of Jazz (Certificate 18)
Fanu – Last Solo Before Dawn (13 Music)
Dylan – Witchcraft (Droppin Science)
Dillinja – Heavenly bass (Logic Productions)
Tek Unlimited – Primal Drums (Inperspective)
Klute – Perceptron [Fanu remix] (OSR / Commercial Suicide)
Hokusai – Black Rose (Source Direct)
Fanu x Coleco – We Don’t Do Neurofunk (Bandcamp)
Nucleus – Gravity Point (Reinforced)
Fracture & Neptune – Colemanism (Paradox Music)
Fracture & Neptune – Deadlands (Droppin Science)
Danny Breaks – Aquatica (Droppin Science)
Danny Breaks – Earth Shaker (Droppin Science)
Seba – Shapeshifter (Secret Operations)
Senses – St. Germaine (Inperspective)
Nebula – Platinum Jazz (Scientific Wax)