Breaks & Beats Podcast #17

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The last podcast of the year is here!
Time to get all chilled out and relaxed on holidays, sip on that eggnog and blast those good beats and kick back.
I may have had a few sips of that good old nog before reccing the mix, so this one may have come out a bit loose, but hey, who gives a heck when it’s the holiday season?

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This is a collector’s item that probably won’t get remade.

Anyways…get a good drink, sit back, and enjoy!

Aeon Four – Orca
Aeon Four – Void 4
dBridge x Kabuki x Sarah Farina – Who Da Coldest
Etch – Spider Leg Shuffle
TMSV x Digid – Gates
Itoa – Strange Attractor [Sully remix]
Desto – Don’t Lose Yourself
Esc & Dan Expander – Serious Tings
Fishstix – Feelings
TMSV – Send Them Come
Alix Perez – The Raven
Digid – Gun Talk
Fanu – Five Ounces (dub)
SDS – Hallucinations
Samurai Breaks – My Sound
Hydro & War – Time Perception
Speedwagon & Mr. Emvee – Hibernation
Silence Groove – Offline