Breaks ‘n’ Beats Podcast # 4


Boom. Boomski. Boom-shakalak. And that sort of stuff.

The itch to record a new Breaks ‘n’ Beats Podcast hit me, as some good music’s been piling up on the “dope tracks to play” playlist, so here it is.
Instead of going into mad depths, explaining each track like before, I’ll make it more brief.

I’ve been inspired by some of the slower tempo (80/160 bpm) material recently so I wanted to slip in a few of those in the beginning.
Definitely makes for a fresh touch. From there, it’s real nice to speed it up a wee bit to drum and bass and jungle. Those tunes have a lot in common, anyways, and it’s all dance music.
Would be super hyped to check out some events where the DJ does this sort of thing, as these styles really scream to be blended together.

Well, words are always a bit inadequate to express how things sound and feel, so yeah.
You can download it using the player or by visiting the Soundcloud page.

And oh yeah. Two things.
1) I’m taking bookings to play this sort of stuff:
2) There’s two tracks from the forthcoming album, “Departure”. It’ll come out on Dec 2.
3) All other podcasts can be accessed here.

1. Boxcutter (with Ken & Ryu): Dream Gator (Cosmic Bridge dub)
2. S L V: Dagger [Desto remix] (SVBKVLT)
3. Moresounds: Flocon (Astrophonica)
4. Dawn Day Night: Mister Meanor (Astrophonica)
5. Om Unit: Jaguar (Civil Music)
6. Mark Pritchard: Duppies (Warp)
7. Machinedrum: Gunshotta [Om Unit’s Rollers VIP] (free download)
8. Dom & Roland: Outta Endz (Metalheadz dub)
9. Quadrant, Kid Hops & Iris: Borealis (Dispatch)
10. Friction: Long Gone Memory [Ulterior Motive remix] (Elevate dub)
11. Profane: Kevlar Switch (Inperspective dub)
12. Fanu: Street Sermon (Lightless dub)
13. Fanu: The Unconscious (Lightless dub)
14. Lordes: Royals [Somejerk remix]
15. Ital Tek: Days Illusion (Atom River)