Bristol–Helsinki EP

Bristol–Helsinki EP, the much-promised first Fanu x Coleco release, is here.

Why the name? The whole EP started sort of accidentally by Coleco sending me a break and saying I could try working with it. I said I can have a go with it, and soon I found myself building a song around it, getting inspired by the vibe I got from the break that was quite original, to be honest.
After the first song was done, we both discussed the idea of doing more songs, and I think it was me who first said I’d send him a break and he’d process it (Coleco’s totally into break-processing geekery, just like me) and I’d do a song around what he’d send me.

Long story short, that’s what happened. We went for breaks that were not used that many times in D&B, and, for example. in track 3 you hear a break that has never been used in D&B before.

May this be an EP that hopefully supports pushing fresh breaks in D&B.

You can download the EP from Bandcamp and name your price. If you’d like to grab it for free and happen to like it, please consider sharing it with people who you think might like D&B.
You can also peep the EP on Soundcloud.

・Production by Coleco x Fanu
・Mastering by Fanu
・Art by Coleco