Classy Coffee Cuts is out

Man, it’s tough to describe music with words, and I’ll let the music do the talking, but I decided I’d write an honest album intro in one single sitting using 10 mins on it tops, so here it is.

This one took a long, LONG time. I’ve been making music for 31 years (since 1992), and while the technical process of making music has become much easier, I’ve become increasingly picky in terms of what I want to do – and especially release.

And I’ve been trying to slightly reinvent myself all the time as I go, which isn’t always easy, but it is very fulfilling.

I’ve always been going against the grain in a way (not always by design – it’s just what I do and how I do it), and releasing an album of 14 songs is an absolute musical suicide in terms of capitalizing on people’s attention…but I didn’t start making music in 1992 for the sake of a popularity contest, and I’m not doing it now, either. 

I very largely dislike many things relating to how the world of music “should” operate. 

Albums, if you ask the industry, are not the way to operate these days: you should sprinkle things out there constantly to stay out there and stay on radars.

Nah. To me, albums are by far the best way to make music and present it: you get a lot of room to do you, be you, and even re-discover new sides of yourself. It’s a very long journey where you ask yourself a lot of musical questions and come up with some musical answers.

Those of you who have been following me closely for the 20 years I’ve been releasing music for will hear familiar moments and discover moments that go back to my very roots, but also hear something new. I hope.

I guess as an artist, you create your little own musical dimension, shape it along the lifelong mission, and dictate there how music should be for you. This album is just that.

Not all of it will be super easy to digest or appeal to a large group of people, but that’s exactly how actual art is: it’s not always easy, it’s not for everybody, but it will (hopefully) resonate in the right people.

I’m a “lifer” when it comes to music, and I look massively up to guys like Luke Vibert, Aphex Twin, The Future Sound of London, etc. who never wanted to place themselves in a mould, and that’s what I’m trying to avoid, too. Those guys started in the early 90s too, and back then, albums were more popular, and so was sticking out stylistically as an artist – instead of fitting in. My soul is still in that era.

Did any of that even make sense? Album took 1.5 years at least, but I told you I’d write it in one sitting (instead of hiring a pompous publicist).

Will I ever write another album? Remains to be seen. It can be massively taxing in a way. In a way I thought this one’s never come out.

Anyways, it did, and “Classy Coffee Cuts” is my story. It’s a long, detailed campfire story of someone who’s been in a conversation with breakbeat-driven music for three decades…and who ain’t stopping.