Current engineering rates



PRICING (VAT is added in EU)
• mastering 1–4 songs: €44 per song (turnaround time 1–3 days)
• mastering 5 songs or more: €40 per song
• quick delivery: €55 per song (turnaround time 24 hours)
[batch discounts always for albums / 4+ songs – case-specific]
• mixing+mastering a song from stems: €45 per hour (max €100)
• mastering for vinyl: €5 additional charge per song
• revisions: no charge
• mixdown/production advice: hourly consultation rate of €45. This is to help you improve your mix. Total price is based on time spent listening and documenting improvements.
• various audio work (cleaning up recordings, denoising, declicking, repairing audio, etc.): €45 per hour

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