Fanu and Infader: One Thing And Another EP (Lightless Recordings)

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So how did this EP happen? Well you know, I’ve never been much into collaborating. I admit it: collabo-wise I’m largely a musical hermit. But to an extent, that has to do with the fact that I haven’t come across many producers whose style would strike a chord in me in a “Collab bro!” sense. But when I heard Infader’s DNB (on 117, for example), I did feel that he’s actually doing something of his own and at the same time it was somewhat similar to my DNB – and what I also liked about his stuff is it’s kind of wonky and you can tell he’s not taking himself that seriously.
What else? He actually lives really close to my place in Espoo – which is a coincidence. Infader also makes a mean pizza! His base is serious, and the dough is classy as heck. Fact. Dude also loves good beer and has two amazing cats he calls hair-a$$es. He actually did the art for the EP, as that’s his profession – also be on the lookout for a nice little video with a minimix dropping soon!
(Infader’s comment about the EP: “I did it all – Fanu was just posing on the corner flexing his muscles”…pfffffffttt!)


Fanu, the frantic Finnish beatlayer, does a rare feat of teaming up with another likeminded Finnish breakbeat fiend, Infader.
The result is a 4-track breakbeat-laden adventure for Lightless Recordings.
Expect intense breakbeat workouts, gnarly basslines, and soundscapes that quite daringly take some liberties and dare to deviate from the DNB norm. This is not pop music! 
Some vibes wouldn’t out of place on Metalheadz, while some moments sound like Danny Breaks had a lovechild with some neurofunk aficionado.
DNB like this can only be born in cold faraway land like Finland – whose weather is prone to promoting the quirky otherness that is clearly heard on this EP you’ll probably love or hate. 
Out now on Fanu’s own Lightless Recordings.