Free and sucky Max For Live device by Fanu: Dub Delay!



Here it is: my first-ever Max For Live device. And, dear god, it sucks!
But you know what – that’s exactly what I wanted to achieve: a simple delay that can give you really dirty results if you want.
So there’s nothing special about it? Not really, but it gives you two filters, feedback + delay + an audio degradation section, which should be good for your delay needs. It’s mono – in proper dub delay fashion!
Basically, this was my first exercise in programming things in Max For Live and combining a few things. Watch out – more sucky shit is probably coming!
So what does it do? You obviously have the level of dry signal; nothing else there. The wet signal first has a time to set the time of delayed time from 0 to 1,000 milliseconds (1 second), followed by feedback amount (goes from zero to more than you’ll need, but watch it; it can get crazy – especially with resonance – which may be exactly what you want!). Then you have a filter (four basic types, notch being fairly useless TBH but I wanted to include it there just for the sake of practice and seeing it works). Notice that you need to activate a filter type in both filter stages to activate the signal chain; it’s closed until you select a filter; for now, I don’t know how to program an initial value because I suck at M4L). Then, you can degrade the signal by lowering sample rate its full effective sample rate (clockwise) down to, uh, really shitty. Bitrate goes from 16 down to 1 (watch out: this will increase noise and energy in the sound…but it sounds so sweetly shit!). All this is followed by another filter (remember to click on a filter type), so basically you can create a fairly dirty sound and then filter it down if you wish.

I know the device looks really basic, and that, to me, is great about Ableton Live anyways: there is very little eye candy to fool your perception, so you focus on the sound.

Download the device, and please bomb me with truthful and harsh feedback in terms of what sucks about this shitty delay (well, what doesn’t)! And I hope you have fun with it…I know I will be using it to satisfy my delay needs.
And there will be more, and I’ll probably update it a bit later when I learn more about Max For Live, as it interests me a lot at the moment.