FatGyver album out now

Hello, everybody! I’m happy to let you know that my hip hop debut album, “Talk To Strangers”, as FatGyver is out today.

It’s a project that was on the back of my mind for a while: to get busy with the sort of hip hop beats I’ve always loved – 90s east coast style stuff – because that’s what’s even shaped my D&B aesthetics a bit.

It was released today on Redef Records, which is by far my favorite hip hop label I’ve been loving for years, so I’m really honored about this.
It’s a digital release, but we’ll be seeing vinyl later on.

Funny thing is, when I was working on the album, I decided I’d finish it and then send it to the label. I(t) felt a bit crazy, and, doing my own label, I definitely haven’t been in that position for ages. I sent the album to them, and I was harassing them for a LONG time on their social media, almost to the point of total embarrassment, and had just decided I’d release it myself…when they got back to me, said they had listened to the whole package and they’d like to sign the whole thing as it is. I was stoked!
(BTW, I’m not recommending harassing labels to death with your demo…but sometimes, it’s worth it)

You can check the album out on the label’s BandcampBeatport, iTunes, Spotify, etc.

Actually, Bandcamp immediately listed it under “New and notable records” on their front page. They like beats, I guess!

Art was done by Joe Buck who’s done a lot for De La Soul, for example (e.g., “De La Soul Is Dead”, the classic flower cover).

I’m amped about having Blu on the title track with another skilled vocalist, Raw Poetic. Other than that, it’s instrumentals.

I hope you like it. This is just the beginning for FatGyver, and plenty more will be coming.

-Janne Fanu