FatGyver: “Peanut Butter Beats” out now

FatGyver: “Peanut Butter Beats”

This one has been brewing for a long time, and I’ve been for the right moment to release it.
That moment is now.

If you don’t know yet, FatGyver is my (Fanu’s) alias for instrumental hip hop, boombap, funky slower beats.
I’ve always considered myself a disciple of DJ Krush, early DJ Muggs, DJ Shadow, DJ Premier, K-Def, and the likes.

In a way, this music is very far from the more dancefloor aesthetics that Fanu represents: it’s more for the mellowed-out headnod kru that like to bump their beats loud and maybe spot a few familiar samples here and there (don’t call me out though or I’ll get mad, haha!), although I try and take pride in sampling the stuff you haven’t heard a million times before.

A certain emotion is the key in these productions, whether it’s laidback and chilled-out (as in “Bend Your Branches Down”), more melancholic and meditative (like in “Slow Burn”) or just plain goofy for a moment (“Ode To Peanut Butter”)…or something in between.

FatGyver bows down to no musical trend that’d try and ride the wave of current musical tastemakers’ guidances.
The groundwork for this music was done in the nineties (just like with Fanu stuff).

Nod your head to this while enjoying the sampledelic bliss!

The links in the beginning of post take you to Bandcamp.
I much prefer Bandcamp, as that’s the most fair way for one to earn from him music. You can, however, find the album on all services such as Spotify, Apple Music, Beatport etc. If you prefer to stream and not pay for the music, I’d massively appreciate if you could SHARE the album on your socials.

Thank you! 🥜 ❤️