FatGyver presents PhatCast Vol. 2 (mix)

Got busy on the 1s and 2s and recorded a new mix: PhatCast Vol. 2.
Was supposed to get busier with this series a long time ago…so here we go again. Quality-a$$ instrumental hip hop and you know it.




Some of those beats were h3ll to mix…there was some really short as well as somehow unquantized stuff, tempo changes etc. 
Thanks to @Serato for looping things on the fly! 
I still haven’t used sync once in my life, but some of this stuff makes me think I *need* to use it. But stuff like this is really good practice, and TBH I’ve never been one to mix the easy stuff anyways.

Also, I’ve been suggested to start a Paypal donation system but I’ve been too cool for it I guess.
It’s here now:
*puts the tip hat out*

Expect WAY more mixes this year!

BennyBen: Sparkle
DJ Anointed: Resurrection
FatGyver: Allnighter
DeeJay Punk-Roc: Dedicated
FatGyver: Donut Binge
DJ Spinna: BuildinBlox
Marco Polo: Darling
Stro Elliot: Maybe Not
Sebastian Fraye: Sad State / Burning
Staffro: LOVIN
Tek 9: Phat Like A…
Damu The Fudgemunk: Spirit of Ummah (Randi Re-Arranged)
Sebastian Fraye: Save You / Hold It Down
Stro Elliot: drama 4 kathy
ewon12bit: Skyline Rising
ewon12bit: One For The Trouble
V-Love: The Wilderness