Free unreleased download from the 2003 vaults: “Music For The Motherless Japanese Child”

It’s my birthday today, and birthdays involve gifts, right? Here’s one to ya’ll.

This track was recently sent to me a friend of mine from an encrypted hard drive that was almost forgotten, so big up to you, Mick “Muttley”, for going thru the trouble of salvaging this one…this one almost got lost forever.

This tune was made around 2003, and it definitely sounds like it in all its roughness…hardly any sub, the bass is quiet, levels are off, it’s distorting…yet it nicely displays the Fanu sound that was definitely forming strongly around that time. I made this one with a sampler and a bunch of floppies and a cheap mixer. Title is super deep, of course; it relates to a movie that I had watched prior to making the song.

Free download. Be easy on it…it’s old!