“Full songs or nothing!”


This rose from a convo with a friend: to make plenty of shorter loops you’d work on later – or always see the effort and go for full songs instead?

have been in that position where a label wants a release from me and I send them 1-minute clips, and they tell me “It’s nice but send full songs”

and I’m like come on man…but I’ve come to realize that, as great and addictive it is, making those 16-bar-loops is counterproductive. I used to do that a lot and think that many of those come to fruition, but at some point I realized it makes me feel kinda heavy when there’s like 10 songs in at 1-minute stage…I start feeling “Uh, shit, man, there’s so much to do with these”. I know starting new tunes, that’s the crack, but IMHO it’s better to give all you got for that one tune you’ve started while you’re feeling it. I’ve tried to adapt that style of working and even though I feel less “active” (as I’m not rapid-firing 16-bar loops), I finish more tunes and I make sure they get my full attention.

Also, working on finishing your songs also develops patience, which can be a virtue in making music (just like in many things).

I’m not 100% zen with that, but pretty good anyways (every now and then I may start  a tune or two while I’ve got another one to finish, but at the very least I make sure it’s gotta be the motherfucking bomb that WILL make me wanna get really hungry with it and make it into a full tune…otherwise i WILL delete it).

How do you feel?