HAUS 2 EP out now

“This is EP is SUPERB”
-Laurent Garnier

HAUS from the archives appears!

• BANDCAMP ONLY – pay what you think it’s worth •

You prob know my niche-DNB-weirdness, right?
Via audio engineering, I’ve been getting increasingly into house.
So I wanted to do something SIMPLE and relaxed, and here we are.
I love the relaxedness of music like this, and I hope you do, too.

Enginerd’s note:
I was unable to mix and master any of these properly, reason being, I literally cannot open any of the song projects anymore!
They were done with alpha software, and some bugs cause the projects to crash, and there’s litearally no way to open them.
So, forgive anything slightly unfinished-sounding stuff…but isn’t lo-fi house a thing anyways? :—P

No SP-12 or Akai s3200XL were harmed during the production this EP, but they were of great, friendly help.

• Writing: Fanu
• Composition: Fan00ster
• Production: Fanucci
• Mixing and mastering: LOL, as if…the song projects crash.