Making a sample-based hip hop beat [video]

Time to get busy with some sample-based beatmaking!
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I’ve always loved hunting down samples and making stuff around it. I don’t always build things “around it”, but this time I’m doing just that.

I’ve seen some people say stuff like sample-based music is on the decline, and hearing that alone was enough to put my FatGyver pants on and do this for ya’ll!

Going thru my usual workflow, I talk about my sampling aesthetic, I discovered something really useful about my audio editor that I guarantee you don’t know…etc!

Let’s check out some professional sample stem separation too. This video is actually quite truthful to my workflow.

I hope you’ll get some inspo out of it!

On the video I said I’d include my Lalal affiliate link (price for customer is 100% the same but I’ll get a small cut). I noticed they have once again improved their algorithm, and I won’t lie, it’s pretty badass in terms of sample separation.

Link to Lalal: