[MIX] FatGyver presents PhatCast Vol. 1


In anticipation of the forthcoming FatGyver album on the new PHATVENTURES label, here’s FatGyver’s “PhatCast Vol 1” DJ selection done using wheels of S(tee)L.


• PREORDER FATGYVER VINYL by Jan 12, 2018 •…nterval-beats

These are tunes by some of the hip hop producers that inspire me.
You can interpret hip hop in many ways, but to me, this type of sound has resonated in me since the early 90s. It leans towards the US east coast sound, which has been my first and foremost hip hop influence.
Please do find out more about these producers. Most of this material has been released and you can find the release information out there.

• FatGyver presents PhatCast Vol 1 •
FatGyver: Celestial (Phatventures)
Benny Ben: Path
DJ Krush: Kemuri [’94 part 2]
Axiom Funk: If 9 Was 6 [Prince Paul remix]
Damu The Fudgemunk: Coffee Table
DJ Anointed: Zoosons
DJ Krush: Le Temps feat. DJ Cam
K-Def: Mo Better Funk
FatGyver & Naettipoika & Blu: Torvibiitti (Phatventures)
Staffro: Whatup
DJ Anointed: MPC 3000
J-Zone: Clubba Lang
Lewis Parker: Target And Espace
Lord Finesse: Crime Square
Marco Polo: Fake Dilla
Icerocks: TRAC – Stay True instrumental
Marco Polo: Sax-o-ma-phone
FatGyver: Sampladelphia
Def Dee: Interlude Joint